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This website is simple and low maintenance. After all we’re out kiteboarding or getting ready for our next excursion or stand up comedy appearance.

We have aimed for:

This website is hand coded in HTML by us, so don’t look for all the fancy stuff.  In case you’re interested, we tried to make it close to HTML 4.0/XHTML 1.0 compliant.  Yes, it uses separate CSS and SSI files for styling for the header and menus.

As of February, 2018 the website includes over 230 pages. The main pages occupy only about 300k (exclusive of images), which is an average of about 11k per page. All that means that you are looking at a very efficient website which loads quickly and is a friend to every web browsing device we have been able to get our hands on for testing.

We would like you to link to our website. In exchange we’ll link to yours if you wish.

In the fall of 2008 we took a class from PVCC (Paradise Valley Community College) in Web Design. We strained our brain in the process, but were able to keep up with the young kids taking the class. This website, in its basic form, was our final project. Oh, yes, we got an "A"!

We tell people that ours is a top-ranked website. July 25th, 2011 we decided to put our money where our mouth was and here is the result:

Our Website Search Results
Google Hits Rank Search Term Used
21.6 million Top Arizona Lou
16.2 million Top AZ Lou
6.75 million Top Arizona Kitesurfer
3.99 million Top Arizona Lew
3.49 million Top AZ Lew
3.23 million Top Arizona Kiteboarder
2.06 million Top retire kiteboarding
1.2 million Top kiteboarder van
692 thousand Top retired kiteboarder
6.8 thousand Top Dave Ramsey kiteboarder
2.4 million Second kitesurfer van
1.655 million Second Helen Keller kiteboarder
1.2 million Second van kiteboarder

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