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Kiteboarding Stupidity

Doing stupid stuff can get you hurt, whether you are around the house, kiteboarding or driving a car.  So for kiteboarding:

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Stupid Stupidity

Denialism! Are you guilty? On NPR, author, Michael Specter gave some very interesting consequences of looking at things emotionally and irrationally. Read; listen; download.

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Big Picture

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Endangered Species Stupidity

From the beginning of life on Earth species have come and gone, adapting and changing with the Earth's dynamic environment. Environmentalists would like to stagnate the Earth's species as they exist now.

If the environmentalists have their way, which, unfortunately they are having at this time, maladapted species will propagate in the artificial and unnatural environment created by the Endangered Species Program. Eventually the earth will be largely populated by maladapted species that can not survive in a true natural environment. The result would likely be a catastrophic ecological crash - if the environmentalists have their way.

I do not believe we should be irresponsible with nature or its resources. However I believe what we are doing now with the Endangered Species Program is irresponsible - and stupid!

Footnote: In Montana's Centennial Valley scientists spent huge amounts of taxpayers' money to save the valley's trumpeter swans and ended up almost annihilating the population of the valley's Arctic grayling. Good going!

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Global Warming Stupidity

The Earth's climate is dynamic and has gone through warm and cold cycles from the beginning. As a result, ocean temperatures, sea levels and ice-cap coverages also have also cycled.

Who is man to think he is significant enough to control the climate of the entire planet? Also who is man to think that, with his limited knowledge, he knows enough to do what needs to be done? Man thinks in a narrow and short term time frame. He would like to stop the climatic cycles and "freeze" (no pun intended) everything as it is today. Environmentalists need something to worry about and they have focused on climate - putting the media, governments and populations in a ridiculous panic.

There may be no recovery if man is successful in interfering with Earth's normal cliamatic cycles. Picture the next ice age, accentuated by man's efforts to reduce global temperatures. As great portions of Earth and its population are freezing, man will be seeing an Inconvenient Disaster and then will madly try to warm the planet.

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Gulf Stream Turbine Stupidity

Interfering with the Gulf Stream off the coast of Florida in an attempt to get free energy could have a drastic effect on climates and environments world wide, especially in western Europe because of amplification of the effect similar to a fluidic amplifier. Think of the butterfly effect. This is NOT free energy but may result in catastrophic and permanent environmental and climatological consequences. Don’t do it, guys!

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Tidal Energy Stupidity

Short-sighted scientists, politicians and Popular Science Magazine are purporting the harnessing tidal power as a "free" energy source. There is no free energy and tidal power is no exception. In fact tidal power is less renewable than petroleum, which only takes a million or so years to renew. Harnessing tidal energy will increase the tidal breaking action of Earth's rotational momentum, thus speeding the lengthening Earth days (that's why we need to keep adding leap seconds to our atomic clocks). In the past 34 years Earth's rotation has slowed about 38,000 times as fast as the previous 200 million years.

The consequence will eventually be an earth day equal to one lunar month, which would then be approximately 50 current earth days, as the moon's orbit will increase as the heavy side of the earth faces the moon (synchronous or captured rotation). At this point Earth would no longer be able to support life as we know it. The globe would be mostly frozen except for a small hot spot near the equator which would heat up to hundreds of degrees. This hot spot would move from east to west at about 20 miles per hour and would travel around the earth once each "day," which then would equal the lunar month - approximately equal to 50 of our current days.

Also with the slow rotation of the earth, the Coriolis effect would be almost nonexistent. This is what mixes vertical layers of the atmosphere, moderating surface temperatures. Without this mixing, convection would cause cold high-speed polar winds at the surface that would pretty much freeze everything except the relative small, slow-moving hot spot. All of the warm air would rise at the hot spot and return to the poles at high atmospheric levels without warming the earth's surface.

Moon tides would cease along with their beach-cleaning mixing of sea water and support of many marine life forms. Tidal energy would no longer be available because we will have used it all up. Apparent gravity would increase as the equitoral centrifugal force component would be all but eliminated. Most of the land mass away from the equator would be covered by ocean.

Do we really want to go down an energy road from which we can never return? Let's hear it for energy solutions that do NOT include harnessing "free" tidal energy. Else the result could be like a bad dream or science fiction movie… or reality if we’re successful in maximizing the capture of tidal energy.

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Tunnel Energy Stupidity

Hey, let's think of an extremely expensive way to steel tiny amounts of energy from automobiles as they drive through tunnels, thus slightly reducing their mileage, in order to avoid having to generate electricity with much more efficient and less-polluting stationery power plants. We'll just put wind turbines at the entrances of highway tunnels, then congratulate ourselves about how smart we are!

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Nuclear Stupidity

Coming soon – or whenever we get around to it

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CO2 Stupidity

Coming soon – or whenever we get around to it