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Open / Host for Lou:

Thank you for your interest in opening for Arizona Lou. Read below so you will know what to expect, then Submit Your Request for Available Shows (After the venue's address there is a dash with no comedian's name).

The veterans shows are done as a free benefits. There is no money in it for you and you pay your own way. The purpose is to make people laugh and show appreciation for what the vets have done for our country.

Plan on 10-20 minutes of "clean" funny stuff with no foul language. As you know, the opener needs to be cleaner than the headliner. Look at this video https://youtu.be/jGU3OR1RVA8?start=20 to get an idea of what Lou's PG-16 is, and his topics so you do not step on his toes.

You can help Lou sell his merch and sell your own if you have it. Plan to stay about an hour after the show ends to help tear down and pack up.

Keep in mind, there may be only a handful of people as an audience. You never know, but we want who ever IS there to have fun!

Break a leg and keep laughing!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
If the Submit Your Request link above does not work with your browser, email the following to contact@arizonalou.com

Show date; time; location (if you have a specific one in mind) -
Your name -
Stage name if different -
Email address -
Website, if you have one -
Cell phone (We will not share it with anyone) -
Video URL with a sample of your material -
Comedy References w phone/email -
Comedy recommendations w phone/email -
Anything else you want us to know -
Any questions you might have -
A low resolution photo or headshot to possibly use for publicity
That you agree with this "Open for Lou" web page.

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