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9 Athletes Over 60 Who Can Kick Your Butt - Lou made the list!
7 Active Senior Citizens Who Are Crushing Their Sports - Lou's there too!
Arizona Lou about lost some fingers doing SUP in the Dominican Republic. PHOTOS

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America's Favorite
Old Man
Comedian, Arizona Lou
2:18 minutes
Weather Channel's Jim Cantore, Arizona Lou and others
25:57 min video w Lou's Comedy-n-Sunset appearance
#255 with 23:50 of his popular Old Man routine

Ch 3 Tease         (37 sec)
Good Morning Arizona

with Scott Pasmore     (3:26 min)

Ch 12 Tease   AZ Central

(11 sec)
with Syleste Rodriguez & Joe Dana   (3:26 min)

    Two handy and significant additions to our website here, and on our Definitions web page, include links to:
  1. Dimensions of Coyote Basin Park, our favorite RC spot in Phoenix, as measured by our GPS
  2. An hour-by-hour graph of forecast wind for RC flying conditions there

As of July, 2011 we are a
Professional Air Sports Association
Certified Kiteboard Instructor. Click here for our documentation page.

Bolivia Highway of Death, Finally got these picutres up on our Stupidity web page.

Quadracopter, on our Technology web page, is the neatest toy you've ever seen. See it and others in motion

Who would-uh'thunk that Wikipedia has 30 screens of well-organized history, techniques, equipment, safety, terminology, lingo etc. about kiteboarding!

Randy Pausch has been an unbelievable inspiration to us with his famous Last Lecture, 10-minute reprise and Time Management presentations. Sep 9, 2006, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (guaranteed death), was given 6 months to live and yet had a most positive view toward life. You've got to listen to him (click above) and also his 4-minute 5/18/08 talk and this 7/30/08 5-minute A Final Farewell.

Weather Channel's Jim Cantore's Kiteboarding Taking Off Across the Country (on our Trips web page) aired on NBC's WPTV, Channel 5 in West Palm Beach, FL and we were selected for the intro!

Ratios have arrived on our Smart Stuff webpage, in case you want to relax and enjoy life, not having to worry about how much money you spend on things like housing and vehicles.

Take some line! We keep an extra 6 piece of kite line in the pocket of our harness for things like to tether to our board in case we had to walk or swim in, considering we are no longer using a board leash. We used it unexpectedly during a Planet of the Apes downwinder. Our chicken line broke and we were able to use the extra line to repair it rather than to have make the hour-long walk back to civilization.

Mile Post Index now available for OBX on our Locations web page. Now you can easily find the stores you want when you're in the Nags Head area.

Download the OBX Maps from our Locations web page, where you will find the maps we have developed over years of riding. While you're on that page you can download over 160 of our GPS kiteboarding locations in four different formats - even one for Google Earth!

Take lessons! Kiteboarding does not require much strength, as the pull of the kite is on your harness instead of your arms. Mostly you need skill in controlling... (more)

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