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Arizona Lou's Press Kit

America's Favorite Old Man

Arizona Lou was told he was too old to make people laugh. When you see his show, you will realize how wrong they were! You may have seen him at The Tempe Improv, The Laugh Factory, Rick Bronson's House of Comedy, Harrah's Showroom, America's Got Talent or The Comedy Zone. Lou has taken his unique comedy style of being active, being funny and still being alive to audiences of all ages in 45 states from Hawaii to Washington, D.C. and also to The Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago. A retired science teacher of 76, he figures he does not have time to kill, so has been busy, with over 700 stand-up comedy appearances before more than 20,900 audience members, all in about five years. Asside from comedy, Lou made the list of 9 Athletes Over 60 Who Can Kick Your Butt and the list of 7 Active Senior Citizens Who Are Crushing Their Sports. Get ready for an evening of hilarious laughs and feel-good entertainment with America's Favorite Old Man, Arizona Lou!

VIDEOS, all unedited (below)
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AZ Lou
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Lou Smiling
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AZ Lou
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AZ Lou

BOOK ARIZONA LOU: For avails, please send the email address of your booking agent to: contact@arizonalou.com.
Personal Information:

Name Affiliation email Telephone
Ron Shively Loony Bin Comedy Club, Wichita, KS wichitaloonybin@yahoo.com 316 312-2973
Dustin Rounds Tempe Improv; Tempe, AZ Drounds22@gmail.com 480 309-9226
Tony Vicich Various clubs in the Phoenix area comedyschools@hotmail.com; 818-571-5653

Name Affiliation email Telephone
Chris Zuiker Comedy Club Owner, Mesa, AZ zuikerc@gmail.com 989 745-2970
Trey Dunn Relapse Theater, Atlanta, GA trey1987@msn.com 404 403-6770

VIDEOS (no editing)       (back to top of this Press Kit page)
Nine Representative Topics: Videos (Unedited)

76; Suplemnets; Gym; T-Shirts
The Loony Bin

Wichita, KS
Appearance #730
October 5, 2018
Video length: 5:52

Cozzy's Comedy Club

Newport News, VA
Appearance #666
June 21, 2018
Video length: 5:09

Tempe Improv

Tempe, AZ
Appearance #625
February 21, 2018
Set length: 4:50

Relapse Theater

Atlanta, GA
Appearance #482
May 25, 2017
Video length: 4:55

Don't Understand
Stand Up Live

Phoenix, AZ
Appearance #558
October 18, 2017
Video length: 5:44

Yoga; sup
Rick Bronson's House of Comedy

Phoenix, AZ
Appearance #450
April 4, 2017
Video length: 5:33
Audience count: 31

Signature Old Man Routine
St Louis Funny Bone

Maryland Heights, MO
Appearance #249
April 26, 2016
Video length: 3:33

Living to 100; Boxes; Oscar
Loony Bin

Wichita, KS
Appearance #248
April 20, 2016
Video length: 4:43

Maui; SUP; Boneyard
Tempe Improv

Tempe, AZ
Appearance #126
January 8, 2015
Video length: 4:39

Old; Domenican Rep.; Hand; Voice
Loony Bin Comedy Club

Wichita, KS
Appearance #189
October 7, 2015
Video length: 9:17

Headliner (informal beach group)
Hatteras National Seashore

Avon, NC
Appearance #667
June 26, 2018
Video length: 52:08 minutes

Headliner, PG
Charity Benefit for Grandparents

Phoenix, AZ
Appearance #553
October 12, 2017
Video length: 43:49 minutes

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