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abrasives (see sandpaper)

aglet or aiglet - plastic or metal tip on the end of a shoelace or shoestring that keeps the lace from unravelling - from an Old French word meaning needle.

apple varieties - Excellent chart with seven charactistics of 10 diferent varieties.

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) numbers that represent letters etc. in computers and on the Internet

bar code types and compared
bar codes table

BC stands for Before Christ
BCE means the same and stands for Before Common Era
AD stands for the Latin phrase anno Domini ("in the year of the Lord")
CE means the same and stands for Common Era which is shared in common between Christians and other religions;

beef cuts - Where does your meat come from?

bible (according to The Canadian Information Minister May 12, 2003) - An ancient novel full of murder, corruption, homosexuality, bestiality, incest and cruelty. It is often read to children on Sunday.

bokeh the blurry areas of an image to emphasize the subject, as a portrait with good bokeh

bolt types (see screw and bolt types)

buck/boost - a DC/DC converter that can maintain a constant output voltage when the input voltage ranges both above and below that output voltage. For example input might range from 8-20 V and output be a constant 12 V. It is also referred to as a SEPIC (Single-Ended Primary Inductance Converter) or Flyback controller, tending to be lightweight, lacking a heavy transformers. A good application is MPPT with solar panels.

catch light or catchlight - in photography, a specular highlight or sparkle caused by light reflected in a person's eyes. Also known as eye lights, or Obies

color temperatures of light sources here on TECHNOLOGY

Comedy (see stand-up comedy)

Connectors for your electronics
Video connectors for computer screens and TV

USB Connectors and their speeds in megabytes and gigabytes. This will really confuse... maybe clarify things.

Coyote Basinn Park has an area that has been designated by the City of Phoenix for RC aircraft flying. It is our favorite place for flying our
fourth RC micro helicopter: Blade Nano CPx that has a tail rotor, no flybar and true collective positive and negative pitch
helicopter. Click to see our GPS measurements of the flying area and if it's going to be too windy with these NWS Graphs.

demo - (as in demonstrate) A word used loosely to describe taking kites, boards and other equipment out for a trial run. You can demo equipment when a shop has demo days.

drift launch - taking the kite out into the water with the lines ready to fly, hooking in and then letting go of the kite. With a little finessing the kite will drift downwind and can be launched with normal water relaunch techniques.

Duet - An excellent organization that we support and for which we volunteer. Duet provides many services, free of charge, to older people in the Phoenix area.

Ethernet cables are used to connect modems to routers to computers etc. Ethernet plug

expected wealth = one tenth of your age times your income (pre-tax annual household income from all sources except inheritances)

FACTS - A file of information about energy, batteries, deaths, health, disease, history, inventions, weather, astronomy, computers, education, business, power, ecology, governments, transportation, technology and anything else we have found interesting, amusing or amazing. If you want to know something, you might find it here; or just try browsing the file.

fiber optic cable - plastic or glass light guides for the transmission of data used with an SFP, or an ONT
Fiber Cables SPF

Force 5 - a one-person monohull sail boat similar to a Laser that accommodates two adults.

Fuse Types used mostly for DC applications such as boats and automobiles. Below, types and colors.

Geography of a Woman - Tongue-in-cheek comparison of a woman and a man to geographic locations

HISS - Hatteras Island Sail Shop (OBX)

IKO - International Kiteboarding Organization - certifies instructors etc.

inflatable kite - a kite with air tubes in the leading edge and struts that are inflated to about 7 psi with a hand pump. This type of kite is easier to re-launch when it gets down in the water. Pete refers to it as a "bubble" kite.

homonyms - words that sound the same - an unbelievably fun list

KHK - Kitty Hawk Kites (OBX)

kiteboarding - riding on a board powered by a kite in the wind. Typically the kite is up about 75 feet in the air. The board can be a wekeboard, surfboard or landboard. When done in the water, and especially in the ocean, it is sometimes called kitesurfing. Some wind/water sports are:

hang gliding
hang gliding
kite landboarding
kite landboarding
land buggy powered by a kite
land buggy
parasailing (being pulled by a boat)
snow kiting
snow kiting
wakeboarding (done behind a boat)

lark's head - The knot used to attach kite lines to a kite's pigtails. It is a loop that is placed over a knot in the line to which it is connecting. The harder the pull, the tighter the loop becomes. It is also easy to undo. Other names for the same or similar knot are cow hitch, lark's foot, girth hitch, ring hitch, lanyard hitch, bale sling hitch, baggage tag loop, tag knot, deadeye hitch and running eye

lit - having so much wind for the size of your kite that you have difficulty controlling the power. In this situation it is usually necessary to have someone hold you down in order to land the kite safely.

laundry care symbols for washing your cloths correctly

LOUisms - Inspiring sayinngs and ideas we have collected and come up with over the years.

microphone types with excellent information about those used for studio recordings, as at home, and for microphones in general
            microphone             microphone patterns microphone patterns

MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface, passes musical information between various electronics devices

MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) - a buck/boost controller that keeps solar panels operating at their most efficient output voltage as it charges batteries at their most efficient recharge voltage (either higher or lower than that of the solar panels). This tracks the output voltage of the solar cells and has nothing to do with tracking the sun.

musical notes chart with frequencis and wavelengths
Surf board

Naish Custom Fish - a short surf board used for kiteboarding, used with or without the foot straps (image above)

New Elements: Scientists have discovered three. Here's a summary of what they found for Wo (Woman), Xy (Man) and Gv (Governmentium).

nitrocellulose (cellulose nitrate) - has been used as smokeless gunpowder because it decomposes explosively. Other uses have been in plastics, movie films, paint, nuclear track detection and in the detection of specific proteins.
gun cotton

oats types with good information about each

OBX - The Outer Banks: A series of long, narrow barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina which include Nags Head, Pea Island, Hatteras Island, Cape Hatteras and Ocracoke Island. The dogleg, along with the shallow water depth, gives it the best kiteboarding conditions I have seen anywhere! To add icing to the cake, the Atlantic Ocean is just across the island to the east.

ONT (Optical Network Terminal) - a specialized modem that connects fiber to Ethernet, similar to an SFP

paper sizes, ISO chart and more than you ever wanted to know about ISO paper sizes.
paper diagram

paper weight chart with bond, caliper, points, Metric and other measurements for the thickness/weight of paper.

PASA - Professional Air Sports Association (national association for kiteboarders - certifies instructors etc.

profane relating or devoted to that which is not sacred or biblical; secular rather than religious... not initiated into religious rites... not respectful of religious practice; irrevernet. blasphemous or obscene language. (The New Oxford American Dictionary)

PWM (Pulse Width Modulator), or switching power supply - One of the many uses is for light-weight power supplies that can put out a constant voltage with an input range of 100 to 220 volts AC, by varying the duty cycle with a very fast electronic switching circuit.

PVP PVP (Photoselective Vaporization of the Prostate) is a procedure using GreenLight™ Laser to treat BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), an enlarged prostate. Lou had this precedure in 2012.

PAW (Prodigious Accumulator of Wealth) - over double expected wealth, according to Thomas J. Stanley

sandpaper & abrasives sizes & uses

screw and bolt types PDFs Head types & specifications. Five-pages of info about fastener categories: heads drives washers nuts rivits anchors etc.
Pilot hole size is important - too small and you can start hari-line cracks with the screw. Too large and you lose the holding ability of the screw. Pilot holes are similar for a variety of materials. Generally thicker materials require a slightly larger pilot hole. The following chart is for sheet metal screws.
Here is a more comprehensive chart:

slick - downwind from a low (usually grass) island where the wind is not effected, but the water is glassy smooth. A great place to practice jumps, turns and speed runs.

tethered launch - launching your kite (depowered) by clipping the chicken loop to an anchor, such as a sand bag and then carrying the kite to the edge of the wind window and setting it up in the C position. The kite will stay there, bouncing on the wingtip, while you walk to the bar and transfer the chicken loop to your harness and away you go!

SEPIC - SEPIC - Single-Ended Primary Inductance Converter (see Buck/Boost)

SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) or mini-GBIC (gigabit interface converter) connects copper cable, such as Ethernet, to fiber optical, similar to an ONT

Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea - Periods of little or no breathing during sleep (20 seconds or more). AHI (Apnea-Hyponea Index) is the average number of breathing interruptions per hour during the night. A CPAP or APAP machine can help.

SPI - South Padre Island: the southern part of a long barrier island that extends off the gulf coast from Corpus Christi, Texas almost to the Mexican boarder

SPIWKA - South Padre Island Windsurf/Kiteboard Association

SSID - Service Set IDentifier (the name of your Wi-Fi network)

Stand-up Comedy - Standing, usually with a microphone, and entertaining people by trying to make them laugh a lot and hard. Here is an excellent Stand-Up Glossary from CJ Alexander and 10 Tips for Beginner Comedians by Patrick Bromley

SUP - Stand-Up Paddleboarding: A person stands up on a big flat board, uses a long paddle and tries to look cool and maybe surf some waves.

tent types, some types, materials and parts

time zones in the conterminous United States

TLD - top-Level Domain: the letters immediately following the final dot in an Internet address, as .com .net .org .tv .adult .bio .biz .bike .fit .sexy .sucks .asia. Here is an alphabetical Internet country domains list (TLDs).

Toilet - a high tec device for getting rid of waists of various sorts.
Toilet Technology
Posted in the restroom of Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) in Phoenix, AZ

Top Tier Detergent Gasoline - is a higher standard than the EPA minimum, keeps your car engine running cleaner and is worth the possible additional 3¢/gal. ARCO is on a long list of of Top Tier Detergent Gasoline Brands.
(look for this logo: logo at the gas station)

traction kite - Any kite that is designed to pull; from the same root as tractor

UAW (Under Accumulator of Wealth) - less than half expected wealth, according to Thomas J. Stanley

USPS (United States Post Office) - First Class minimum size = 5" x 3.5" and 0.007 inch thick; More First Class size restrictions

span class="big bold"> Washout - sometimes called the Isabelle Washout - an approximate half-mile stretch of Hatteras Island, north of Hatteras Village, where Hurricane Isabelle washed the island away in 2003 (our GPS waypoint HAWASH). Of course, man does not like change and put it all back and rebuilt the road and the parking lot at taxpayers' expense.

wealth (net worth) - what you have (assets) minus what you owe (liabilities)

The X-Plan is a scheme to get your kids or other family members out of unsafe situations.

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