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Some of Lou's Favorite Creative Comedians

Im Alingon Mitra, on Conan, from India, 1/19/15s - excellent writing & good delivery
Wm Andrew Norelli - here on Letterman w 8.1 laughs per minute, laughing 40% of the time and six applauses, all in 6:02 minutes Armando Anto
Mm Armando Anto - creative comedy with violin and music.
Wm Bill Burr - here on Letterman for 6:17
Wm Bob Marley - Tempe Improv 2/27/15
Wm Bob Smiley, Christian Comedian with 1:30 video on Terrorist Toothpaste; seen in Mesa, AZ
Wf Bonnie McFarlane; low key, unexpected creativity, on Tonight with Jimmy Fallon
Wm Brad Williams - creative; rapid-fire; here on Being a midget.
Wm Brian Regan - 5 minutes on Fallon and here, doing Emergency Room
Wm Bryan Callen - Tempe Improv 11/12/15; here with Comedy Hero
Wm Carl Hurley - clean - from Kentuckey
Lm Carlos Mencia - many rapid fire accents; Proud American from Honduras (6:13)
Wm Collin Moulton - Good! - House Of Comedy, Phoenix
Wm Craig Shoemaker - Lovemaster - creative; machine gun audience work
Bm Damon Wayans - grandkids; life as a roller coaster (nothing on race :) on Fallon
Om Dan Nainan (NINE-in) - Oriental, very creative, young, mostly dead pan dealing with race etc.
Wm Dana Gould - 50?; suit; acts slow: divorce, teeth, dying - on Conan 5:03
Bm Dave Chappelle
Wm Dov Davidoff - fast paced and active; Light House w Fallon 6/1/18; Filthy Operatin & Homosexuals
Wm Dennis Miller & Bill Maher exchange on Free Speech vs Political Correctness in 2002
B?m Donald Glover - Shopping w Dad at Home Depot (9:47) - combination of active styles
Wm Eddie Ifft - world traveler can be dirty
Wm Eddie Izzard - on Moses (15:42) and on Religion, Science, The Bible, And Dinosaur-Churches (7:42)
Bm Eddie Griffin - with active hilarious views of and street language for everything, including favorite old Bible stories (1:01:47)
Bm Franklyn Ajaye - Wrote Comic Insights: The Art of Stand-up Comedy. Here, less on race than usual (7:54)
Mm Gabriel Iglesias - Excellent in every way; Fluffy Visits Saudi Arabia (24:06)
Wm George Carlin - Very creative, four years older than me, died at 70 in 2008. Religion and God (9:36) and God, America, Rights, War and Hats! (13:23)
Wm Greg Behrendt - rapid fire creativity; 48 yr in 2012 Getting Old's A Bitch (4:40)
Wm Greg Freiler
Wm Ian Bagg - some F words
Wf Iliza Shlesinger rapid-fire creative imitations and 6:20 on Fallon; 5:05 + on James Cordon
Wm Jeff Altman - Scottsdale Laugh Factory feature for 25:31 minutes 10/30/15
Mm Jesus Trejo - creative family & dreprecation; on Late Late w James Corden 10/24/17
Wm Jim Gaffigan - Mr. Universe - McDonald's
Wf Joan Rivers
Om Joe Wong
Lm Joey Medina - Puerto Rican; San Diego Comedy Festival; Stereotypes
Sm John Leguizamo - Colombian-American w creative act outs & voices , here with Broken Antenna
Wm John Novosad (Hippieman), winner of the 2015 Laughlin Laugh Fest; Late Show with Graig Ferguson
Wm Josh Blue - cerebral palsy
Bm Josh Johnson - deadpan: semi-finalist in Funniest Comic in Texas, 2011; with Little Man routine and, 2017, on The Tonight Show w Jimmy Fallon
Wf Judy Carter - performer, comic & writer of The Comedy Bible:
Wm Kyle Kinane - w Fallon; lots of funny unrelated references
Wm Keith Alberstadt - Seth Meyers 4:42 - good writing & act-outs
Wm Kyle Dunnigan - at Just For Laughs; (NBC Late Night 48 laughs w 4:40 set of 4 bits & 10.3 LPM)
Wm Lenny Clarke - Tonight Show; w Jimmy Fallon - Holiday wreck; being fat, global warming Boston & environment wackos; subways - 65?
Wm Louis CK - Montreal Comedy Festival - plays in Houston; here on Aviation (sexual misconduct allegations, 2017)
Wm Mark Normand - on Connon 5/3/16 (funny) & Fallon 7/20/18 (clean)
Wm Mark Viera - Headliner at Tempe Improv in August, 2016 here with, "My Wife's Holiday Party"
Wm Matteo Lane - Buff & gay, here with Seth Meyers (4:43)
Bm Michael Che - 4:56 with Seth Meyers: cretively skirting around race etc.
Wm Michael Kosta - with Jay Leno (6:00 video published on Oct 1, 2012): headlined at Tempe Improv 10/11/16
Wf Michelle Wolf - 4:58 with Seth Meyers: former writer for Late Night w Seth
Wm Nick DiPaolo - roasted Pamala Anderson
Wm Paul Zerdin, ventriloquist - 3:38 winner of America's Got Talent and Stand Up Live in Phoenix 5/17/17
Wm Pete Lee - low key humble unexpected creativity on Tonight w Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman & Gay Dudes are Tougher...
Wm Ralphie May - 7:04 rapid fire, intellectual, fat & funny
Wm Rob Schneider - Stand Up Live 1/9/16 - comparing 20's 30's 40's in Sweat Pants
Wm Robert Klein - with Jimmy Fallon; old guy w old-guy jokes
Bm Roy Wood Jr - on Letterman, Seth Meyers, & improved on Jimmy Fallon (light bulb,thermostat, captain)
Wm Russell Howard - 8/3/15, 5:11 with Jimmy Fallon; 4/28/17, 5:05 with James Cordon; relaxed Brit, 25, w rapid fire act-outs & accents
Wm Sebastian Maniscalco - creative act-out exagerations 4:22 on Late Night w Seth Meyers & here, with Chipotle
Wf Shannon Bell - Low key, creative & funny sex talk
Wf Sonja White - Saw at Cozzy's in Newport News, VA: Intro Reel & Southern Fried Chicks
Wm Taylor Williamson - shy Tempe Improvv 4/9-12/15
Wf Taylor Tomlinson - from Laughs & Parents on Conan (9/17) and excellent & improved w Twenties on The Tonight Show (6/18)
Wm Terry Fator - One of the best ventriloquists in the business. Here in America's Got Tallent competition.
Wm Tim Bateman - older; balding; Australian
Wm Tim Conway - OLD @ 80 with Conan O'Brien & Andy Richter; also here as an airline agent w Harvey Korman
Wm Tom Cotter - Mostly clean; Tempe Improv 9/19/15
Bm Trevor Noah - South African Comedian. Live at the Apollo with 8:02 of excellent languages and accents.
Wf Whitney Cummings - OLD @ 80 with Conan O'Brien & Andy Richter