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Fri Nov 1 = I did a show for 12 residents of Independence Hall this evening. It is sort of a half-way house that helps male homeless veterans get back on their feet. Interesting and diverse group... and a fun show with quite a bit of fun interaction. I DID have to refer to my cell phone for an image of my sequence about four times during the show and still forgot a few things. Of course the audience never knew that I was not attaining my goals.
- Before the show they treated me to a pork chop dinner. Thanks, guys!

Sat Nov 2 = I reviewed my show sequence for tonight, eliminated the side menu from my Comedy Home Page, shifted and changed the top buttons for all my web pages (suggestion of Casey), worked on this blog and went to the motel's little gym. That's sort of an overstatement. It consists of four cardio machines, a bench and a few light weights. No cables.
- Rick Osborne and his son-in-law had been busy building the first stage named after me (hey, you've got to start somewhere). It's debut, and maybe only use, will be by me tonight at the Tap Inn here in Billings.
- What a show on my new stage, which will become part of a roof later this week. We had a large crowd - the typical bar crowd. They made up for their lack of attentiveness with their enthusiasm. During most of my show there was at least one person, somewhere in the bar, listening. Sometimes a dozen. What did I learn? I will never again let a few loud people ruin the show for the rest of the audience, which seems to be the case too frequently at bars. Also, especially at bars, I may discuss ahead of time with the owner/manager, the possible removal of the unruly.
- Rick and Becky, the owners Tap Inn bent over backwards to accommodate with the stage, PA system and special LED lighting. Rick Osborne and his daughter, Beverley, took me around town where I needed to go and were good hosts. Thanks, Billings.

Sun Nov 3 = I updated my website this morning and checked out of the motel at 11:00. Rick Osborne took me to the downtown Billings Anytime Fitness where I alternated working out and resolving my checking account, doing my monthly blog rollover and showering. I had misrecorded the paying of some of my county taxes about a month ago so had to figure that all out. Fortunately I had gotten them paid OK.

Mon Nov 4 = grocery shopping without Patty, the neighbor I take shopping under the auspices of
The organization I support and through which I take non-driving seniors shopping and to their doctors' appointments
since she was not up to it. I was out of food so squeezed a very fast and effecient trip around Winco Foods for my stuff. I got it all stowed before leaving for CB Live.
Tonight Casey finalized my Thousand Roast Arizona Lou Special:
Mon Nov 5, 2019; 7:30pm; Thousand: Roast Arizona Lou Special; CB Live; Desert Ridge; Phoenix, AZ
My name was drawn from a bucket for a 4 minute set, so I did my revised Basic Economy routine with the added PentaBW.
- Impulsing my after-bedtime project, I finalized the poster and updated my website accordingly.

Tue Nov 5 = I audited my appearance count and found that it is accurate, although some of the previous appearances were off by 2 or so.
- Tonight's comedy was at Tempe Tavern and Bench Bar

Wed Nov 6 = Today I didn't have time to stop by a gym so trimmed my beard and took a bath here at home... in the little hall bathroom to save hot water.
- Tonight's comedy was at Toso's and Woodshed. I picked up gift certificates from both of them for my Special on the 25th

Thu Nov 7 = I arrived early tonight at Grand Avenue Pizze and did an impromptu 5-minute clean comedy for a pastor and his family group of 12. That was my 981st appearance. The Open Mic was #982. At this rate I'll have no trouble reaching my goal of 1k by the 25th.

Fri Nov 8 = I have been testing my new LUNSY DJ Par Lights, 36LEDs Stage Lights on my kitchen counter by using them for kitchen indirect lighting. They are impressive but cheap ($50 per pair), which is indicated by their operation. The IR remote controls don't work dependably. Fortunitely, the lights can also be programed directly. They tend to get hot and cycle off and back on every 15 seconds when run at full power (RGB all set at 255 and consuming 20 W each). Of course you can make them any color you wish. Yes, they were worth the money and I'll probably pack them for my road tours.
LED Stage Light LED Stage Light

Sat Nov 9 = This evening
Harold Dean
Harold Dean Hayes, my techie X brother-in-law
came over and we teched out, not discussing his Mentorus nor my stand up comedy.
- After that, I went to Rick Bronson's House of Comedy up at Desert Ridge and saw Paul Mecruio. He was good and different. He did lots of creative improv with the audience, some of which he invited up onto the stage. He says, people are interesting when you hear their story. It was a good show.

Sun Nov 10 = Tonight was the monthly Infuse open mic at the Phoix Center for the Arts. TJ, the old host, was unexpectedly back from New York to host the show since Raquelle McKinley, the new host, is celebrating her birthday in the Caribbean. As usual TJ put me at the last of the show with the adult material, although my set was family friendly.

Mon Nov 11 = Happy Veterans' Day! Tonight my name was drawn at CB Live for their bucket challenge of one-liners. This is not my forte, but it is good to stretch myself. I put together some short bits from my SUP and OBX routine.

Tue Nov 12 = Today I lay out in the sun. I researched and ordered 1,000 vinyl stickers of my Arizona Lou logo and sent emails to a bunch of the Tonight Show staff, hoping that I guessed the right email addresses and that someone will look and like what they see.
- I went to see my sleep doctor/dentist and she convinced me to go back to the mouth appliance, along with sleeping on a wedge and using nasal spray.

Wed Nov 13 = This is what CB Live put on their website. Isn't it neat?
CB Live Info
- My comedy routines were a hit at Toso's and Boycott. I did AZ Lou Stage and Old Men In Locker Rooms.
- I went back my sleep apnea mouth appliance tonight for the first time in several weeks..

Thu Nov 14 = Last night I did as my sleep doctor/dentist had suggested, sleeping on a wedge etc. I did not sleep well and believe I gave the appliance a fair try for the last six months. Unfortunately the appliance is not for me. After one night back with it, all the negative effects returned in full force:
o I got very little sleep during the night.
o I had a lot of thick mucus blocking my airway
o In the morning my bottom front teeth were sensitive and painful when attempting to chew
o during the day and evening my bite was so far off I could hardly chew, unable to chew at all with my molars.

Fri Nov 15 = Wanting to be buff for my special a week from Monday, today I sunned. Also I stopped by LA Fitness for a full heavy, slow legs workout and got a flu shot at my nearby Walgreens. I did my monthly credit card payoffs.
- I have given up on my little cute Epson Work Force WF-100 battery operated color printer. The yellow print head is hopelessly clogged. I spent way too much time trying to get it unclogged. I took the printer on my 2019 road tour and did not use it once. I managed to get the color copies I needed from Office Max and such. The WF-100 makes very good color prints, but is rather epensive per sheet.
- Comedy tonight was at nearby Lovecraft

Sat Nov 16 = Today was my weekly day off from comedy performances. I did a full, slow, heavy arms workout at the Moon Valley LA Fitness.

Sun Nov 17 = For my new van, I prepositioned the couch-back brackets for my van bed/couch so I'll have more room getting in through the van's fourier, which space is needed because my new van's sliding door openings are further back than my old van's. Also I got modified fun noodles installed to fill the four cavities in the floor left when I removed the middle row seat rails.

Mon Nov 18 = At the CB Live Bucket Open Mic I was drawn for a 3-minute self roast.

Tue Nov 19 = I ended up with a sore throat last night. Guess we've been doing too many comediac hugs. I decided to stay home all day and evening, with no comedy, to get over it. Definitely want it to be gone by Monday for my big show. Last night I got about 11 hours of sleep. My throat was noticeably better in the morning.

Wed Nov 20 = I ordered second pair of LUNSY DJ Par Lights, 36LEDs Stage Lights. I'll keep the two that work the best and return the other two. That is probably the best outcome for the cheap, $25, lights.
- My doctor ordered the blood draw before my upcomming physical. The PSA portion was for my urologist appointment on Monday. Ideally, I won't need another draw.
- This evening I set a new record and about did myself in with a relapse in the process. New record: four performances in one night, bringing me up to 999 so 1,000 will be on Monday for my Roast. Until then I'll stay in, and recover from my cold as much as possible. Technically #999 was tomorrow at Quail Lounge where I went on at 12:51 am.
- Doing myself in? Getting to bed at 2:33am wasn't a good idea, but necessary to reach my 999 goal. Tonight my sore throat and headache reached their peak. To keep economically warm,I have
o started wearing swets around the house
o added a flnal sheet to my bed at night
o turned the thermostat to its winter setting (HEAT 68° F)
o something new: keeping my master toilet at 78° F with a little ceramic heater. It can't cause a fire and the room is only about 3.5 x 6'.

Thu Nov 21 = Trying to get rid of my cold and sore throat, I didn't venture out, even to pick up the mail today. This afternoon I took an hour long nap. The sedond pair of LUNSY DJ Par Lights, 36LEDs Stage Lights arrived today. I started testing them. They seem to have overheating problems like the first pair.
- I spent quite a bit of time with phone calls and emails trying to pull some loose ends together for veterans' posts where I am already booked for my 2020 road tour. It is frustrating when the people who run the posts do not return emails or phone calls.
- Saltwater gargle and then to bed early.

Fri Nov 22 = I got up early to make a couple of phone calls back east to veterans' posts to confirm my shows there. Frustrating when they do not get back to me by phone, text or by email. You'd think that people who manage those posts would be on top of things a little better.
- I took a long nap mid morning, lay in the sun, had lunch then took another long nap. My throat is not getting much better.

Sat Nov 23 = Last night I got almost 11 hours of sleep and stayed home today and took a long afternoon nap. It was runny sinuses day. I modified four new pair of my Equipo bikini briefs (making them even briefer, of course). They now are most comfortable and hold me just right!
- I got the newly arrived 50 T-shirts checked in, integrated with the ones I had on hand and all organized for efficient sales if there is a rush on them before my roast on Monday. I have five local comedians who are going to help me with sales, drawings, cameras, emails etc for the show. It will be interesting to see how well I can organize and use my crew. Thanks, guys!

Sun Nov 24 = Being physically ready for my roast tomorrow is going to be touch and go. Last night I had a fever, maxing out at 99.7° F. I spent a little energy worying about dong the show with a fever. Fortunately by morning my temperature was at 97.9° F, down to nearer to my normal.
- I stayed in the whole day, got some more things organized for my Special tomorrow and took an hour afternoon nap... and got to bed early, trying to shake this virus.

Mon Nov 25 = Not much improved after a long light in bed. My goal is to make it to and survive my Special this evening and have a good show for everyone.
- Due to my cold, this morning I rescheduled my urologist appointment from this afternoon to the second week in Dec. This is the third time it's been rescheduled. The first two were by them.
- What a fun ROAST! Tristan Bowling was his usual energetic and creative host. Here he is in the green room showing off the poncho he made from a 5xL shirt he got from me last Wednesday at Quail Lounge. Also, I hope Daniel Bright's prospective employer sees what does when he gets his hands on one of my cell phone cameras (below).
poncho poncho Daniel
These are the twenty-eight comedians who did such an excellent job roasting me during the two-hour show.
Below is the video with 15 seconds of copyrighted music removed. My rebuttal starts at 1:39:22 and the 10 minute video portion starts at 1:42:07.
Everyone who wore an Arizona Lou T-shirt got at least one $10 gift certificate in the drawings.
T-Shirt Comedians
(uncropped full-resolution version). Of course I got to go up last and get even with everyone. I didn't think my 20-minute set was all that great, but my comedian friend, Dietrich Sheldon, from Anaheim, California, Deitrich said, "That might have been my favorite of all your sets... ever.".
- The show was an honor for me and huge fun for all 49 people who were there.
- My cold? Although I did not feel full of energy during the show, I did not get drowsy and my voice held out OK. I realy appreciated the guys that helped me out. They did an excellent job and took a lot of load off me. We sold a total of five T-shirts, but were prepared for a rush and to sell 60 or more.

Tue Nov 26 = I stayed in today recovering from last night's awesome show and working on the video (above).

Wed Nov 27 = Staying in; taking naps; woring on video from Monday: The sound is a big problem. I could not use my body mic for the show to get the other comedians. The house mics got the audience but mostly room echo from the comedians. The PA system was good for the comedians, but got little audience. Combining the two and getting them to synchronize is taking hours, and I'm still not satisfied with the result. At least I am learning more about using the Key Frames with Power Director 15.

Thu Nov 28 = Happy Birthday! to me; Happy Thanksgiving to you. In my Kindle reading, Mark Twain detailed the wreck of The Dunbar in 1857.
Dunbar Dunbar
Interesting: they were within four miles of Sidney, Australia, it was night, the captain had "get-there-itis" and crashed into what is now Dunbar Cliffs. Everyone was lost (121) except Able Seaman, James Johnson, who was thrown up onto a narrow ledge half way up the cliff and held on for a couple of days until rescued. They never would have found him if they hadn't been out looking for bodies. I don't know if I should congratulate myself or kick myself for spending an hour this morning researching and blogging the wreck.
- My sore throat is a little worse, so I've been laying low. I started my Roast Video uploading to YouTube and went to bed.

Fri Nov 29 = Today I took it easy and re-did my Roast video, increasing the mice volume and reducing the audience volume. It's still not perfect, but is closer. YouTube may not allow it to be played because one of the intro songs is evidently copyrighted: "Life In The Fast Lane."
Due to a copyright claim, your YouTube video has been blocked. This means that your video can no longer be played on YouTube.
Video title: 191125 CB Live Thousand Roast
Copyrighted content: Life in the Fast Lane Claimed by: WMG
The song on the Internet was "Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises
Life In The Fast Lane: The Desperado Dreamers

Sat Nov 30 = Today I canceled my free trial period with Amazon Prime, after ordering quite a few things this past week. The membership was not economical to continue, as I never used their video or music.
- Tonight I ventured up to CB Live and saw Jeff Dye. I saw him almost four yers ago in San Diego. Jeff was good, as were my comedian friends the host, Mike Enders and feature, Jill Kimmel. The opener, Randy Bollero, was new to me and not found on the Internet.

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