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Sun Apr 1 = Happy EASTER, APRIL'S FOOLS DAY and SUNDAY! Today I visited the tenants on Sherman and told them about the letter I received from the City of Hutchinson about stuff in the yard. They were very cooporative.

Mon Apr 2 = Today I organized some more of Stan's finances, phoning lots of credit cards. I found that the Home Depot, Sears and other credit cards were issued by Citibank. Kayla, in KCMO was very helpful in getting the Citibank accounts closed.

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Tue Apr 3 = Today I drove to Wichita, KS to visit my daughter and her family. It took a little doing to get me and my van approved as visitors on McConnell Air Force Base.
- It is different now spending my nights in a house and in a regular bed.

Wed Apr 4 = I got up early this morning and had breakfast with Anne and family.
- At 8:30 I picked Anne up at Trinity Auto where they are performing some repair warranty work. Later in the morning I met with Pamela J Thompson, estate attorney. It was an informative hour, cost only $250 as a reference from
my younger brother George's wife
's sister. I found out a few new things but mostly confirmed what I had already learned previously. Pam said my form to manage Stan's estate was good.
- This evening I did comedy at The Wichita Loony Bin Comedy 215 Open Mic. It was a good group. Here's my set:

Thu Apr 5 = I picked up my custom rubber stamp, saying Administrator, Stanley A Self Estate at Superior Rubber Stamp. I had ordered it Tuesday morning before leaving Hutchinson.
- The Loony Bin was featuring three comedians, each getting 30 minutes: Brent Terhune, Jason Cheny and Shane McConnahay. My plan: go to all the shows for the four days, Wed through Sat and see what I can learn, so away to the Loony Bin for the show tonight. It was snowing when I drove home.

Fri Apr 6 = I don't know what last night's low temperature was in Wichita, but it was forecast to be 19° F. Looking out my upstairs bedroom window this morning at Anne's house I saw the result of the spring snowstorm (panoramic photo by Louis Self using his Nexus 6P cell phone)
Spring Snow
- Of course I enjoyed visiting with Anne. Around noon I cut my hairs (2 months since last time)
- After I sat in during the first show at The Loony Bin this evening, I went back for the 10:30 show. Bigs, the manager, said, since I came back he'd let me go up for five minutes. Jason introduced me. I did my Viagra set, the same one I had done on Wednesday. Thanks, guys.

Sat Apr 7 = Today's big event was The Hanovich Family Comedy and Talent Show. Robby was traveling, so it was just the girls and me. Everyone took a turn at comedy and then with talent (video coming)
Brooke's drawing
Brooke's drawing. She was embarrassed with her misspelling, but we had her leave it cuz we thought it was cute.
- At the Loony Bin they changed the order of the comedians. Each of the comedians were good, but in their own way:

Sun Apr 8 =It was most efficient to do some Internet work before leavng Wichita, so I looked up locksmiths in Wichita and Hutchinson, updated this blog, looked up the Private Sale value of
Stanley, my older brother who was a retired as a machinist for Eaton Corporation in Hutchinson, KS until he sucommed to a three-week bout with Myasthenia gravis in March, 2018
's vehicles and a few other things.
- Afternoon was packing-up time, which means moving all the stuff I managed to scatter around Anne's house into my van. We had a scavenger hunt to make sure I didn't forget anything. After my van was all packed I offered $1 each for any items that the girls could find that I had accidentally left. To spice things up a little, I also offered $1 for a few left items that I had planted around the house. Katie found a van key I had planted on a dresser behind a pillow and Brooke found the Romaine lettuce I had planted in the refrigerator. Neither found the little USB charger I had left plugged into a wall socket. Final score: Granddad Lou minus $2 and some fun for all. What a neat way to end an excellent visit
- The drive to Hutchinson was a pleasant hour. It's good to be home now in my van parked in Steven's back yard.

Mon Apr 9 =

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