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Thu Sep 1 = I was awakened this morning by Ricardo, of
The organization I support and through which I take non-driving seniors shopping and to their doctors' appointments
, reminding me that I was supposed to be taking Lynn to her Physical Therapy session. I hate it when I mess up like this.
- I knew my raisins were ready when they were all floating. You see, on my trips, I put 1.5 oz of raisins in a jar with water in my little van refrigerator so they'll be plump when I add the chilled water to the powered milk on my cereal. When I got home from my trip I transferred the jar with its booty to my house refrigerator. It remained there for a month while the raisins slowly rose to the top. That meant that they were properly fermented and naturally carbonated. That was my alcoholic binge for the summer.
- This morning, after last night's comedy experience, I decided, at least for now, to use my energy to animate and tweak my existing hour of material rather than prepare new stuff.
- I DID get pretty decent video and audio from my set last night, which I got processed rather efficiently.
- This afternoon I checked and adjusted my van's tire pressures, researched the candidates for the primary election and delivered my mail-in ballot in person to the polling place.
- I about made myself late, but I DID get the BLOG on my website updated through last month - ten days worth. Then I went to Chop and Wok in Scottsdale for comedy. A good show. My activated and tweaked Oscar/Tornado routines went over fairly well.

Fri Sep 2 = It took about 1.5 hours for me to remove the feature sticker from the front of my new Samsung printer, with the assistance of a small C clamp :(   I hate it when they put weak paper stickers on with strong adhesives. They tear into little strips of confetti when you try to remove them. I was finally successful after starting the removal of one corner by hand and then hanging the C-clamp on that corner to let it finish the job. The only thing left was to clean off a little residue with paint thinner.
- This morning I researched whiteboards and easels to use with my Comedy Writing Workshops.
- This evening I bought, at Hobby Lobby, at online prices, an 18 x 24" whiteboard and easel for my Comedy Writing Workshops, went to Tosos and met producer, Bobby Johnson and saw nine comedians, hosted by Rich Rivera. Tad Lloyd, the headliner was a BIG, Black 20-minute female hit.

Sat Sep 3 = This morning I updated my Avery software to Version 3.02, unwrapped the whiteboard, put workshop lables on it and the new easel with the first Avery labels I printed on my new printer, organized the dry-erase markers in an old sock/eraser and did a marker test on the whiteboard.
    - I have been trying to memorize the list of people who might be interested in my Comedy Writing Workshop. People who are writing an:
  1. article
  2. book
  3. comedy
  4. lyrics
  5. manual
  6. poetry
  7. porn
  8. script
  9. standup
  10. story... or even a
  11. sermon
- This afternoon I reviewed the topics and listened to audio files from my previous two Catalina Sports Bar appearances and worked on what bits to use tomorrow night at the Catalina Sports Bar and Grill.
- This evening I stopped by Goodwill, went to my first Hamfeast (now called Food Fight) since getting back from my trip, did a 20-minute light, fast full body workout at LA Fitness, bought some blueberries etc. at Fry's Food Store and bought some bread at 99¢ Only.

Sun Sep 4 = Today I prepared for tonight's comedy and never got to a gym. This evening I met
George & Cindy
younger brother and his wife who live in Mesa, Arizona
at the nearby Sala Thai Restaurant. Thanks to a friend's gift, they are spending a couple days at a fancy hotel near Paradise Valley Mall in this area. From Sala I went on down to the Catalina Sports Bar and Grill at 2939 N 16th St. Glendon and Eric ran their usual good pre-booked open mic show.

Mon Sep 5 = I organized some ideas for tomorrow evening at Rick Bronson's House of Comedy. This evening I drove the 4.5 miles over to Toso's to meet Gino and check the electrical outlet situation for my Comedy Workshop next week. Then by Goodwill to pick up a second power strip for the workshop, in case attendees have computers to plug in, then to Fitness 1 for a medium-heavy arms workout. This evening I researched and downloaded Audacity and its plug-ins, and may have found side-chain compression... for free. Audacity calls it Ducking, which is the same thing: controlling the volume of one track with the volume of another track, like the audience volume and my mic volume.

Tue Sep 6 = I got today really organized into alternating 20-minute categories: sedentary and active.
    - I ran across Nine Hallmarks Of Highly Incompetent Losers: Nine Dumb Mistakes That Everyone Makes Over And Over And Over... by Pat Reader and Laura Ainsworth. I need to work on numbers 2, 5, 6 & 9 in the book's Table of Contents:
  1. Never Plan Ahead
  2. Lose Sight of Your Goal
  3. Don't Sweat the Details
  4. Don't Communicate Clearly
  5. Work While Indulging Your Addictions
  6. Call Undue Attention to Yourself (my emphasis)
  7. Lose Your Cool
  8. Claim Talents You Don't Really Have
  9. Lean Over Too Far Backward
- At solar noon I lay in the sun for 20 minutes, rode my exercycle fast for two and then ate lunch. This afternoon I typed into of my various comedy files, all the audio notes I had accumulated at night for the past two weeks on my Olympus VN-7200.
- Experimenting with Audacity, the audio editing software that I downloaded Monday, occupied most of my afternoon. Using my recording from the Back Alley Draft House in Albuquerque, I tried 14 different settings, and concluded for a:

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