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Sat Mar 1 = This morning I took care of a little finance, worked on my comedy routine for Tuesday etc.
- I drove down to Kihei this afternoon, met Jake, Eric, Captain Pat and his friend, Bob, found little wind for kiteboarding but
Stand-Up Paddleboarding
d for 1:13, going out over .4 miles, travelling 1.98 miles with a top speed of 5.1 mph. I fell off the board only once and, toward the end was switching my feet at the same time I was switching the paddle to the other side of the board - a good mellow session with about 8mph wind from the southwest. Speaking of the wind, I went out against the wind for an hour and three minutes, turned around and made it back in 10 minutes.
- This evening, being the half-way point of my stay, I defrosted the little refrigerator here in the hotel room.

Sun Mar 2 = It was rainy, although not a heavy rain, just about all day. This morning I worked on Tuesday's comedy routine, updated my website, ate an early lunch and, because there was a 17' swell forecast, armed with my camera, headed out to the usual Old Man's Beach area of the Kanaha Beach where I
Stand-Up Paddleboarding
d with almost no wind. Although relatively small, the waves inside were a challenge for me and I fell in lots, and lots, and lots. You'd call it a good experience, not fun, fun, fun! I paddled for 27 minutes, went .8 miles and had a maximum speed of 8.2 mph.
- I then headed east on the Hana Highway in search of the Puohokamoa Water Fall, which I never found and to Jaws, which I did find. Jaws is an area of huge breaking waves that tend to come up with unpredictable surprises for the surfers. They had been towed out by boat or jet ski. Awesome waves. Greeting the surfers on the inside if they had trouble was only rocks on private land, about 100 feet below the sheer cliff where I was with my camera and new-found friends, JR and Andy. Here is a series of breathtaking pictures taken by Justin Edwards from his FPV-controlled quadcopter of surfing Jaws.
- This evening I worked on my Blog, added some links and purged the videos and photos I took out at Jaws.
Surfer catching a wave at JAWS, Maui, Hawaii: Photo: Louis Self
NC-12 flooding
Out of five surfers, one caught this wave at JAWS; 35-sec video by Louis Self

Mon Mar 3 = The Noble Travel office invited me for lunch in the office to help celebrate Sheila's birthday. I won't reveal how old she is, but it was cool with little marinaded octopus tentacles, spaghetti and vegetables, pork on the bone, fresh pineapple (of course), wrapped fried bananas and cream cheese cake. Happy birthday, Sheila!
- Around noon I headed down south to Kihei, sunned with a light overcast sky on the large grassy area of Waipuilani Park and did a beach run. The water action for me was there at the park. There was not enough wind to kiteboard, but almost too much for
Stand-Up Paddleboarding
, so I SUPd anyway. The plan that seemed to work was to paddle against the wind sitting down to reduce wind resistance, then to practice trying to catch waves - alternating with runs standing up, to improve balance with runs on my knees for wave-catching techniques. I caught one wave on my knees, all the way in and one somewhat standing up. I met kiteboarders, Chris from San Francisco, Jesus from Spain and Jesus' non-kiteboarding friends, AJ and his wife, Pat.

Tue Mar 4 = Maybe I did a little
Stand-Up Paddleboarding
, today, but preparing for my comedy routine and delivering it tonight was my primary activity.
- I used all new material (so far as Maui was concerned), included a couple of callbacks from last week, had only minimal notes on the stool in front of me and took a completely different approach - laughing a lot, hopefully contagiously. I believe my routine was the longest for me yet at just shy of seven minutes, in which I got 9 decent laughs, 19 chuckles for a total of 28, or an average of 4.05 laughs/chuckles per minute and 13% of the time the audience was laughing.
- For comparison Sonny Dennis, probably one of the best comedians there, had the audience laughing 23% of his 6:20 minute set.
- After the show I hung out at the Triangle, which is a parking lot in Kihei, surrounded by bars, three of which stay open after midnight. Fat Daddy's Bar is small bar (maybe gay) and has some flush light panels embedded in the counter, tables and floor, plus a LASER-show machine. The Tiki Lounge has strips of incandescent lights in the floor, a DJ, a LASER show machine amid mostly at the ceiling and, of course, lots of live-fire tiki torches. There was also Dog and Duck Irish Pub with a DJ.
- One of the gals I met at the Triangle goes to all the Stella Blues Open Mic nights as an audience member. She told me that last week I was their favorite comedian and they talked about me all night. Thank you! I wish I could remember your name - and I thought I had bombed! Moral of the story, although people are not laughing they may be listening and appreciating what you are saying.
- As expected, I got to bed late: about 1:30am

Wed Mar 5 = Today I wrote two thank you notes, checked the weather and planned tentative
Stand-Up Paddleboarding
and kiteboarding activities for the remainder of my stay.
- I SUPd just east of the lifeguard tower from Kanaha Beach. In the middle of my time on the water I took a breather, laying on the board, sunning for 10 minutes, during which time I drifted a quarter of a mile to the southwest courtesy of the northeast wind. It took me a while to SUP back upwind, but at least I got more practice standing up, paddling and balancing. Also I checked out the Kahului Harbor for SUP, which Jeff, the lifeguard told me about.

Thu Mar 6 = I spent two hours in the middle of last night taking over 160 test photos with my
Camera Panasonic DMCFZ150
in anticipation of a possible SUP photo shoot tomorrow. Specifically the burst capacity at various JPG and RAW settings. Good camera!
- Around noon I
Stand-Up Paddleboarding
d in the Kahului Harbor for the first time - a good sheltered beginners' spot when the wind is not blowing as much as it was this morning. The most significant thing that happened is a breaking wave sneaked up on me and separated me from my board, the paddle, my hat and my composure. Got 'em all back together, but my composure.
- After supper I drove down to scope out the Kalama Beach Park in Kihei for possible SUP tomorrow.

Fri Mar 7 = I had 2
Stand-Up Paddleboarding
sessions today, both, my first times, at the Kalama Beach Park in Kihei. I caught my first wave, at least for a while, right foot forward, in the first session of 1:09 hours, 2.09 miles and a maximum speed of 7.6 mph. Between the sessions I lay on the beach on my board on my back in the sun for 10 minutes. The second sessions was cut short by losing my EXPENSIVE black hat After about 29 minutes I got clobbered by a wave, was concentrating on managing the board, the paddle and myself that I did not notice that my hat was floating around somewhere besides my head. All this after .68 miles and a top speed of 7.2 mph.
- For lunch all I had was broccoli since that was all I took down. On the way home, at Stella Blues, I had my most expensive, most chocolate, most caloric treat yet: a macadamia nut (otherwise known as macadamia, macadamia nut, Queensland nut, bush nut, maroochi nut, queen of nuts or bauple nut - just in case you were curious) brownie with ice cream, chocolate fudge and whipped cream. Boy was I mixed up. My treat night is not until Friday!
- Back home in Wailuku, I downloaded some Garmin software and updated maps for my Garmin Nuvi 885T. It seems to me that Garmin thinks of lots of neat ideas but does not always take time to implement them well, as evidenced by the 885T.
- This evening, online, I also ordered a Sony Electret Condenser Stereo Microphone | ECM-DS70P to use with my C Crane Witness and a SMK-Link Ultra Mini Compact Wireless Travel Mouse to replace the one I lost on the airplane coming over to Maui.

Sat Mar 8 = In the Kahului Harbor around noon, with about two dozen surfers and other
Stand-Up Paddleboarding
ers on the water to witness the event, I caught the first wave that I rode all the way in - a distance of 561 feet until it petered out. I had already decided that this would be my last run, trying to catch what waves I could on the way in. Well, I DID catch one - only one, but that was all I needed. Over a tenth of a mile!
Kahului Harbor with 27 surfers, after Arizona Lou first road a wave all the way in - 561 feet of SUP!       Photo taken from the SSE by Louis Self
NC-12 flooding
Kahului Harbor surf action. Watch the guy in white. 35-sec video by Louis Self
After that feat, did a couple of returns, bought a box of Atkins Chocolate Coconut Bars for the airline counter people, bought a grapefruit, came back to the hotel, fixed and ate lunch and took a nap. Since there was a little high wind for SUP and because it was raining I hung around the hotel the rest of the day putting the above picture and video up for my website and planed my schedule for Monday morning when I fly out.

Sun Mar 9 = I had the perfect disaster Today. It was windy for once so I went out on my Naish Custom Fish 5'2" x 17.5" surfboard with no footstraps, what turned out to be a stupid thing to do. Well not too stupid until you combine it with other stupid things. At first I went out with my 12m Epic Screamer for about 40 minutes, riding for 2.84 mines with a maximum speed of 13.6 mph. I was a little overpowered, and it WAS my last day, so I took out my 8m Best Nemesis. I had not flown it for about seven months and it took a little getting used to. I ended up over the bone yard. That a spotty area with the coral reef just below the surface. - That's also STUPID. I provided the fish there with a little food - small donations of my skin. THAT was perfect scheduling - to get hurt the LAST ride of my LAST day there in Maui. When I get home I'll have time to heal - and try to be funny or not!. Hopefully before I do something else equally stupid.
- I couldn't pack up because some of my equipment was damp.
- My kites were dry, but by the time I got back to the hotel much of my equipment was damp due to the wet boards, harness etc. Can't have that because it adds weight and puts you over the checked-luggage weight limit. I strung out my stuff to dry and went to bed about 10pm. When I got up to pee around 1:30am I packed up some of the stuff.

Mon Mar 10 = When I got up for my second pee around 4:30am I packed up everything else and headed for Enterprise Rent-a-Car about 6:30. The curb check-in went well. The sky cap determined that I had kiteboarding equipment and still got my bags checked without an over-size fee. They have some latitude in their operation and I appreciated what he did. He probably appreciated my $20 tip.
- The flight went well. I wrote my comedy for Wednesday at Stand-Up Scottsdale. I got to bed at midnight Phoenix time, which was 9pm Hawaiian time. At home I opened and dumped my bags so things would not stay packed up and maybe get misplaced, forgotten or creased.

Tues Mar 11 = This was mostly go-through-things day, including my accumulated mail and my house and van monitoring systems. I had to jump start the van by combining its battery with the
our van's Lithium/Iron/Manganese/Phosphate/Oxygen house battery
, as its voltage had dropped to about 6.5v during the 18 days that I was gone.

Wed Mar 12 = Comedy preparation for Stand-Up Scottsdale tonight was the dominant activity today. I went on stage about 9pm for 5 1/2 minutes and had the audience laughing or chuckling 14% of the time. My subject: Maui; Hawaiian shirt;
Stand-Up Paddleboarding
: my encounter wth the boan yard. Later in the show they had problems with the PA system, so had to move the show to their big show room, next door. Two things made me feel good. Toward the end, one of the other comics said he liked my bit. After the show Nick, who runs it, said he appreciated my coming. There were over 30 comics, so it was a long night. As always, I stayed for the lasts comic and was the the whole audience for him. I headed home about 11:30 and got to bed about 1:30 am.

Thu Mar 13 = Had a pretty good RC helicopter session this morning - first in about three weeks and the first after my Maui trip. After I put a new feathering spindle in my Blade mCPx, about noon, I took it out to the
RC Park
Coyote Basin Park where guys fly electric RC airplanes and an occasional helicopter - east of the 101 Pima Freeway and Cave Creek Rd in Phoenix
for three flights. The second two I the heli never touched the ground (or anything else) from the take-off to the soft landing.
- I developed a good system for using my Dymo Labelmanager 280 in printer mode to add my show information to the Tempe Improv tickets. In time and materials it will cost me about 50 cents per ticket, but they look good. Most people will not notice that they aren't all preprinted with Arizona Lou and the otherff show information.

Fri Mar 14 = I felt pretty good about today until I got home to my cluttered desk. I've got to get to work on that!
- This morning I flew my Blade mCPx helicopter and crashed it, breaking a rotating swashplate arm after about 1 1/2 minutes. That wasn't the good part of the first part of the day.
- Later this afternoon I picked up new rear sliding door hinge/rollers for my van and then wasted almost two hours at Walmart while they checked van battery, charged it, rechecked it to find out it needed to be replaced. They then installed a new one. Had I been smarter, I would have checked the warranty ahead of time and just bought a new battery, as I knew the old one needed to be replaced, in spite of it initially showing sufficient voltage.
- I started using chopsticks - well TRYING. Last week I made the mistake of picking up a pair of wrapped chopsticks left for advertising in my driveway out front. The real mistake was when I noticed the wrapper had a drawing and instruction for how to hold them - and reading the instructions. It's hard for me to resist a challenge - even a stupid one. After a week of practice I ate an 8 ounce bowl of green beans with the chopsticks. I polished it off in no time - if you consider no time to be 2 hours. Keeping the chopsticks aligned was my biggest challenge. It was like trying to eat a stalk of celery with a severe overbite - and TMJ. It was like having a right hand with muscular dystrophy. Now I know why the Chinese are so skinny - they CAN'T eat much with those little wooden sticks. I thought about using duct tape - to hold the chopsticks to my fingers. Then I considered rubbing the duct tape in the bowl to see how many beans I could pick up. I finally decided to forget the duct tape. After finishing off the green beans, with the chopsticks, I DID reward myself with an ice cream sandwich - a second one. That should help take care of my being skinny.

Sat Mar 15 = - Good day! I was all set to go down to the Hat Store on Cave Creek Rd and plunk down about $80 for a new black hat to replace the expensive felt one I lost
Stand-Up Paddleboarding
, courtesy of a wave that got me on the 7th of this month off the Kalama Beach Park in Kihei Hawaii. It only made sense to check the at Goodwill at 7th St & Union Hills first, although the chance of finding one was slim. I found pretty close to the perfect black hat, for only $5: suede leather, with a bias fabric headband. The hat is by the Kalkaska Trading Company, P O Box 135, Kalkaska, MI 49646; 616 258-4785. That made me feel good. Of course it then was necessary to find proper care for a leather hat, so found some good information from Akubra. The main thing is to always brush or towel in a counter-clockwise direction from the top or the bottom. Always let it dry without heat or sunlight.
- I bought a new printer - portable to support my needs on the road as a stand-up comedian: an HP OfficeJet 100 from our neighbourhood Office Max Store. Steve, the manager was helpful. He could not match the Amazon price that I brought in, but was able to include an extra black ink cartridge. Thanks, Steve!
- For supper I joined the ham radio group at the Chicago Hamburger Co. and then did some unscheduled grocery shopping at Food City on the way home. On the way home I also stopped by the 32st & Greenway RD Goodwill where I found a new pair of sandals and another remote control to operate most of the features of my Sylvania DVD/VCR. Now I have one for the couch, for the kitchen counter and a third for the office - livin' large! At the Goodwill I met Paul, a jolly guy who likes stand-up comedy. I told him he ought to try it.

Sun Mar 16 = What I though would be today's big project took less than 20 minutes, thanks to Ken, my neighbor to the west. He deftly removed and replaced the rear hinge/rollers for both sliding doors on my van. I spent much of the rest of the day stowing my kites, the bags and their contents... and making a chart/calendar of open mics all across the country for my spring/summer comedy/kiteboarding road trip.
- The plan is to spend three weeks driving to the
Hatteras Island and the Outer Banks off the coast of North Carolina
, stopping in 10 cities for for 14 OPEN MICs - if I can put it all together and find the energy to do it. By the time I reach the OBX, I should be a pretty experienced stand-up comedian, if not a very good one.

Mon Mar 17 = Too busy to fly my
fourth type of RC micro helicopter: Blade Nano CPx that has a tail rotor, no flybar and true collective positive and negative pitch
. I took Arlene to her optomitrist appointment under the auspices of
The organization through which I take Mildred shopping and take other old people to their doctors' appointments
, worked on comedy, received delivery of the dead cat (microphone wind screen) for the mike that is on its way from Japan, went over to
Harold Dean Hayes, my techie X brother-in-law
's and watched a little of John Brenner, a comedian that just died at 78 from pancreatic cancer.

Tue Mar 18 = Took my van to Auto Tune for its annual pre-road-trip checkup. The only thing it needed was the AC recharged. We'll see how long it holds. My landscaper, Herman, was here to check out repairing my drip system which is leaking in front of the library windows. I phoned Garmin about my Nuvi 885T and they had me backup my data and restore the system to factory. Hopefully that will eliminate the 30-seond keyboard response delay and the spontaneous rebooting. Later in the day I applied pre-emergence spray. The weeds in my yard are plentiful.

Wed Mar 19 = Todd of Dent Pro awakened me with the doorbell. He did a good job for me five years ago, so I asked him how many door dents he could remove from my van for $100. He got about 3 or four of the worst ones and now my van looks better. Thanks, Todd.
- Later I watered in the pre-emergence I applied yesterday - took about an hour, but I DID get some Leo Leporte podcasts listened to.
- In the comedy department, I spent a lot of time trying to contact people in Nashville and Knoxville for open mic information - no dice. My routine tonight was about airline bathrooms. A lot of revising, preparation and practicing lead to my 5:15 minutes onstage at Stand-Up Scottsdale. Nick missed seeing my name, third on the sign-up list, so I was number 30 out of 33 comics. Not the best place to be, but it went fairly well with an average of 2.5 laughs per minute and the audience laughing 8.3% of the time. That is fairly good numbers for that crowd. After the snow, Nick said, "See, Lou, you don't have to be first to be good." Thanks for the encouragement, Nick.

Thu Mar 20 = I didn't feel bad about sleeping in this morning, because I was out late last night doing comedy.
- A Plantronics Voyager Legend arrived via FedEx today to replace the Voyager Pro in which the battery was bubbling. The Pro was out of warranty so they charged me a reduced price for the Legend, keeping me as a loyal customer. Things I especially like are the longer battery life, it's lighter and smaller and has better noise cancellation. Here is a compareson from

Comparison of the Voyager Legend and Voyager Pro HD

Feature Voyager Pro HD Voyager Legend
Talk/Standby Time 6 hours/5 days 7 hours/11 days
Microphones Two Three
Size - 25% smaller overall than the HD
Audio Performance AudioIQ2 noise cancellation and WindSmart wind noise reduction technology 2x better noise cancellation and 3x better wind cancellation than the HD
Caller Name Announce (PBAP Bluetooth profile) No Yes
Voice Alerts Power on/off, connection, battery status, and more Same as the HD, plus "voice recognition on/off" and "redialing last outgoing call"
Voice Commands None You can say the following:
  • Answer/Ignore
  • Am I connected?
  • Check battery
  • Call Information
  • Pair mode
  • Redial
  • Call Vocalyst
  • What can I say?
Mute Press and hold both the volume up and down buttons Dedicated mute button
Wideband Audio (HFP 1.6) No Yes
Power On/Off Button Slide switch
Charging Micro USB Magnetic charging, with optional charging case or desktop charge stand
Mobile Apps Yes Yes

Fri Mar 21 = My Plantronics Voyager Legend bluetooth headset arrived today as a replacement for my old Plantronics Voyager Pro. Neat, but the charging is not quite as convenient for mobile use on my trips, as it requires a proprietary micro USB-to magnetic adapter.
- This evening I went to a stand-up show at the Speakeasy Comedy Lounge in Scottsdale. Good show with Jef Dya and others. Most of the comedians were from out of state and came to see baseball's spring training games.

Sat Mar 22 = Today I finished writing my comedy routine for tomorrow. I always get excited about it, or anything else, once I get started doing something.
- After this evening's ham feast at The Gyro House at 32 St & Shea, I stopped by a Goodwill and found the perfect comforter for keeping warm in the first part of my comedy/kiteboarding trip. In June sometime, I'll donate it to the Hot Line Thrift Store on
Hatteras Island and the Outer Banks off the coast of North Carolina

Sun Mar 23 = Getting ready for comedy was the order of the day and delivering it was the order of the evening. In between, I took Mildred shopping. Every comedy event is different - and unpredictable. I went to the Speakeasy Comedy Lounge in Scottsdale, but only three comics, including me, showed up - no audience. With a phone call, Bryan, the organizer, arranged for us three to join two other comics and Jake at the Philadelphia Sandwich Company's Open Mic. In addition to us six comics, including Nathan the MC, there were two Philadelphia Sandwich Company workers, a gal running the sound board and five audience members. It went amazingly well and the experience was an interesting one, to say the least. A gentleman was there from the Phoenix 24/7 Funny Comedy radio station. This is the first time I used my new ECM-DS70P Sony Electret Condenser Stereo Microphone - on my C Crane Witness. The combination was perfect. Everything was perfectly clear in the big echoey room.

Mon Mar 24 = Today I made the tables in all my blogs light tan rather than white. It makes the tables easier on the eyes, and also makes them visible if a browser highlights the contents in white. Otherwise the tables appear blank with white on white.
- This evening I cleaned out about four years of old receipts with a combination of trashing and shredding.
- I got up in the middle of the night and spent an hour with the light of the streatlight and my LED head lamp fixing a big leak to the west of the sidewalk. I had the system shut off and did not want my plants to go without water for a second day.
Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I stayed up an additional hour updating my website and working on this blog.

Tue Mar 25 = Today I took Gerold for Duet in for x-rays and filled in the hole in my front yard from my drip system repair.

Wed Mar 26 = I gave my
fourth type of RC micro helicopter: Blade Nano CPx that has a tail rotor, no flybar and true collective positive and negative pitch
#7 its maden flight at the
RC Park
Coyote Basin Park where guys fly electric RC airplanes and an occasional helicopter - east of the 101 Pima Freeway and Cave Creek Rd in Phoenix
just to check it out before I started reinforcing various parts of it that I tend to break.
- I set up one of the memories of my RC iCharger for charging my van's LiFeMnPO house battery and saw the battery's blancing circuits activate for the first time - at 14.2 v. Now I can rebalance the cells myself and know all four cells are in balance with equal voltages.

Thu Mar 27 = This eveing I went to the monthly
Arizona Repeater Association (ham radio operators)
meeting down in Tempe. It was an interesting program from Chris, K60ZY, about Software Defined Radios (SDR) that are both cheap and powerful. I gave out information slips and tickets for some of my upcoming comedy appearances. Back home, after the meeting, I made a dozen more tickets for my Tempe Improv appearance. Took me 9:03 minutes for a dozen tickets, which is 45 seconds per ticket or 1.3 tickets per minute, or 4.5 minutes per six. This includes printing out the ticket informatin on my Dymo 280.

Fri Mar 28 = Rushing around this morning to drive 22 miles one way, all the way west to Surprise, AZ for a dermatologist appointment, I forget to shave. Well, my beard has a lot of white in it, so it hopefully won't show too much. The dermatologist, said the little growth in my right arm pit was not related to cancer. I decided to just leave it alone.
- After the appointment I had a phone interview with Alex Orlov, writer for the Daily Burn Life, an online magazine. She is doing an article on people who are older, but fit. What a complement for me! Then I ate lunch while driving the additional 12 miles (one way) to check out a couple of empty lots I have on 151st Ave there in surprise and to deliver a check to the well operator for a second water meter for my second lot.
- On the way home I went to my favorite gym, LA Fitness, Moon Valley, where I saw the same dermatologist, who lives nearby. Small world, eh?

Sat Mar 29 = Up this morning to my cheery alarm at 5:58 to head to southeast Mesa to help my nephew, Shane, move into their new house, a 50-mile drive (one way) to the southeast. No time to shave. All of us worked hard and long but got all his stuff into their lovely new house. How he can have fun getting it all organized. Three of Shane's work buddies helped also, including Chris who, along with Shane have moved into the unshaven scruffy look.
- Later this afternoon I installed my new X-10 XPS3 20A Wall Switch Receiver. It did not work correctly, so I installed, in turn the other two new units. They did not work either. (ugh)!
- This evening I adjusted and rewrote two comedy routines for possible use tomorrow evening. One for the Speakeasy Comedy Lounge and another for the Philadelphia Sandwich Company (in case the Speakeasy cancelled their open mic show.

Sun Mar 30 = Today I practiced my freshly written comedy routines and started on my taxes (Ugh!). Both the Speakeasy Comedy Lounge and the Philadelphia Sandwich Company cancels their shows for tonight, so I worked on my taxes some more. Brian of Speakeasy said he would try to schedule me for the 10:00 show on a weekend!!!

Mon Mar 31 = This morning I looked at myself in the mirror and decided, since the scruffy unshaven look is in for guys now, that I would join in. I haven't decided if I am lazy or smart, but I WILL be saving some time shaving, since I will be doing only my neck.
- Under the auspices of
The organization through which I take Mildred shopping and take other old people to their doctors' appointments
I took Carol to a dentist appointment way over on 59th Ave.
- This afternoon I took another series of comedy pictures - me with the scruffy look. I spent way too much time taking, purging, deciding and tweaking my scruffy picture, but am happy with the result. I'll switch the pictures out on my website tomorrow. (I hope these pictures do not scare the children).
Arizona Lou, the clean-shaven look           Photo by Loui Self
Arizona Lou, the new, scrufy look              Photo by Louis Self
AZ Lou

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