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Note: While not kiteboarding, I plan to update my blog weekly (usually Wednesdays) - or when something special happens.

Thu 7/1 - No wind today so I spent most of the morning working out details and specifications for the KHK restaurant entry area. John Harris, Kitty Hawk Kites' president and Joel and Robby, the restaurateurs seem to like my ideas. I drove down to Avon where Dan, at Ride Hatteras loaned me his electrical tape to push through above my van's headliner from the rear dome light to the front ceiling-mounted panel and then pull the wiring through for my night-time ceiling fan. The fan is a 12-volt, 3-inch muffin fan. Now the wiring is above the headliner and out of sight and out of the way!
- After checking the optimistic wind conditions on iKitesurf, I spent about one and a half hours driving about 20 miles to check it out in the Frisco area on both the sound side and the ocean side. Neither was there much wind nor the right direction, so I drove back up to Avon's Atlantic Coast Café and selected some photos for my website and updated this blog.
- Spending the night in Avon.

Fri 7/2 - Northeast wind maxed out at 24 mph. With just barely enough power using my 8m Cabrinha Switchblade-2, I made an ocean distance record with my Naish Custom Fish 5’2” x 17.5” surfboard without foot straps of 4 miles around Avon from Ramp 34 on the Atlantic to Ramp 38. It seemed I would never get started, with the 3-4' surf and all. The whole thing took 1:10 hours and I covered 7.45 miles with a maximum speed of 18.0 mph.
- I started planning my exit back toward Phoenix, since there is little wind forecast for the next week or so.

- Spending the night in Rodanthe

Sat 7/3 - Not enough wind for kiteboarding today or forecast for the next week, so continued my exit planning. Woke up about 5:10 his morning and decided to seize the moment and give myself a much-needed haircut in Kitty Hawk Kites rest room. I carry everything in for the project, including a little broom and dustpan for cleanup.
- Spent most of the day preparing for the trip back home to Phoenix. I pumped up all four of my kites, rinsed them off and let them dry. Then I used KHK's digital shipping scale to weigh each kite with and without its bag so I will be able to quickly tell a kite is dry and sand free without even opening it up. Also I devised a test for my new little digital luggage scale using a rack of skim boards and the KHK digital shipping scale. The disturbing thing is that my scale is inconsistent in its measurements. Guess it IS better than nothing. If I leave for Phoenix tomorrow after the Good Winds Restaurant opening, I should arrive at Anne and Robby's in Altus, Oklahoma on Wednesday or Thursday, including a couple-hour stop at the Mawi Cable Wakeboard Park in Guthre, Oklahoma.
- Spent some time on the phone to Toyota and tire dealers, drove to Avon where I washed my van with a fresh-water undercariage rinse, did some shopping, stopped by various places to say, "goodbye," caught up on this blog and spent the night in Avon.

Sun 7/4 - Happy Independence Day! Today was being the first menu customer at the new Good Winds Restaurant, collecting things for the trip back home to Phoenix (My thrift-store knee board, new 2010 Best kite bar/line set, new kite Travel bag) and a sun/run on the beach near Rodanthe Peer.
- Got on the road (see table below) about 3:30pm and spent the night in Claremont, NC where I had a rare positive contact (as opposed to South Padre Island TX's Cameron County and OBX's Dare County) with law enforcement. I was parked in a dentist's parking lot working on this blog and a police officer stopped by just to check if I was OK - no harassment. The encounter lasted about five seconds. What a guy.

Mon 7/5 - I have decided to try a different pattern of driving. Since I am in no rush to get home, I'll try stopping to do things that I want or need to do Instead of trying to drive as much as I can each day. Things like this blog, my driving summary chart (below), email and write notes etc.

Tue 7/6 - On the road at 8:00 am: Rush is now on: hoping to get to the Mauwi Cable Wakeboard Park north of Oklahoma City to ride an hour before they closed at 8pm. It was not meant to be. First of all, approaching Oklahoma City, traffic was slow due to an accident. Then there was a thunderstorm and associated heavy rain. Of course they closed the cable park due to weather. So what did I do with myself for the rest of the afternoon and evening? I checked out Frontier City, the big theme park, soaked my finger in boiled Epsom salt water and caught up on this blog.
- I did some telephoning today, including making a dermatologist appointment and one with my PCP doctor about my finger which does not seem to be getting better. Also I phoned about my little inaccurate scale. They called me back in less than an hour, having tested one against their shipping scale and found it to be both accurate and consistent. They'll mail me that one, along with a label for my return of the scale I now have. What good service!
- Spending the night in the Wal-Mart parking lot, Edmond, OK. Every night I need to shuffle things around before bedtime, as now my van contains the kneeboard, the kite travel bag and two sets of queen-sized jersey sheets, which I picked up at a Wal-Mart store.

- After lunch I spent about three hours at the Mawi Wakeboard Cable Park, about 23 miles north of Oklahoma City. I did lots of socializing and observing - and rode for an hour in about 5 sessions on my 130 cm Lite Wave Stealth twin-tip board. I'd ride until my grip got tired then come in for a rest. All but one session I came in with enough speed to coast to the exit ladder without having to swim and all but one session I never crashed. I made up for that with a pretty spectacular face plant while doing a 180 degree board switch. I worked on some ollie-type jumps and actually got the board about two inches high out of the water (big deal, eh?). With my GPS receiver I measured the cable speed at about 17.2 mph. My top speed was 30.6 mph and distance traveled was 8.65 miles. Now I have $10 more in my wallet and no longer have to shuffle the $2 thrift-store kneeboard around my van, as they gave me a $10 credit on my riding fee in exchange for the board.
- Spent the night in Amarillo, TX.

Thu 7/8 - On the road about 9:30 am.: Finding a wireless connection today was a bit of a challenge. The Amarillo Super 8 Motel required a sign-on password, so with the help of my GPS receiver I phoned the Tucumcari Library who said they had Internet but failed to tell me that it was not working until I arrived, so I phoned ahead to the Santa Rosa library. I spent about three hours there online but could not change my website through my Windows FTP server. Finally thanks to a Holliday Inn Express and a little luck tweaking my internet connection settings, I got it to work, so you have my latest here (as if you care).
- Spending the night in Grants, NM.

Fri 7/9 - This morning I analyzed six different scenarios for my drive on home to Phoenix, like stopping by Payson to say, "Hi" to my X; stopping by Mesa to visit my younger brother, George and driving directly home. Driving to Gallup, NM where I got my van's oil changed, I made a bunch of phone calls to put the whole thing together.
- Ended up driving to Mesa, AZ for dinner with my Aunt Juanita and her husband, Cy, along with George and family and my older brother, Stan, who had flown in from Hutchinson, KS. After a lot of good visiting, Stan packed his things in my van and we headed to my house. It was certainly good to get home and to have Stan help me unload my van from my three-month trip.
- Spending the nights now in my own bead at home in Phoenix

Drive Home to Phoenix from OBX
2010 Overall Avg
Moving Avg
Low Temp
Su Jul 4 50.5 63.5 7:24 380.2 380.2 65 deg. Claremont, NC 28610
Mo Jul 5 46.0 63.5 13:42 598.9 970.1 75 deg. West Memmphis, AR 72301
Tu Jul 6 ?? 62.6 ?? 471.0 1441.1 73 deg. Edmond, OK 73034
We Jul 7 55.1 62.4 5:24 297.7 1738.8 65 deg. Amarillo, TX 79104
Th Jul 8 47.0 62.9 5:24 361.5 2100.3 60 deg. Grants, NM 87020
Fr Jul 9 27.4 57.0 13.51 379.3 2479.6 89 deg. HOME in Phoenix 85024

Sat 7/10 - Today Stan and I made shopping lists and went grocery shopping, as there was no food in my house. Also I helped him install the necessary software on his new little 10-inch Acer net-book computer.
- This evening Stan and I went to Codfathers (greasy English and American sea foot) for the Saturday-night feast of area ham radio operators.

Sun 7/11 - This morning I tried packing all my kiting equipment in my two kite travel bags (the old Liquid Force one and the new, larger, Cabrinha one) and discovered that everything fit within the airline weight limit of 50 pounds each, at least according to my new little luggage scale. I helped Stan open a new Gmail account. We went over to George's in Mesa for noon dinner and had a good visit with most of George's five kits and families. His daughter, Carla, had an old train case (remember those things?) full of old pictures that my mom had left her. We had a great time going through all them, figuring out who was who for generations past and getting them organized. Carla did a great job.
- This evening I sorted through all the mail I received while I was gone and caught up on this blog.

Tue 7/13 - I've been and will continue for the next several weeks, researching online and communicating with Toyota dealers regarding a 2011 Sienna minivan.

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