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Wed Jul 1 = Today I left Hatteras Island. It involved going down to the Billy Mitchel Airstrip in Frisco to charge two cameras, two cell phones and two power packs,
to save the four videos from last night's comedy to my computer and to update my website, then retrieve all the posters I had put out at 14 locations. I stopped by Ride Hatteras and retrieved the T-Shirts I left there. Three were sold
- I stopped by the Nags Head Staples to make about 70 show slips for the Ohio venues.
- Got to bed at 10:08 at the Sea Ranch Resort in Kill Devil Hills, NC.

Thu Jul 2 = This morning I went to the Wright Brothers National Memorial and bought a lifetime Senior National Parks Pass. It cost $80. I hope I will get my money's worth.
- After some testing, I determined that the punch button switch I had purchased would not work for my
our van's Lithium/Iron/Manganese/Phosphate/Oxygen house battery
bypass control, so traded it for a SPST long-handle toggle at the Ace Hardware in Kill Devil Hills.
- Next stop was Dollar Tree to exchange a stapler that did not work properly for a tray that has a cover that I will use as a new snack tray in my van. At checkout, the lady said, "Oh, you're the guy on the radio." What a warm feeling that someone was listening to Beach 104 early Monday morning.
- I drove on to Sunderland, MD for supper with my daughter and her family.
- To bed at 10:47 in Anne & Robby's basement guest room.

- This morning I spent about an hour with Brooke (Anne and Robby's younger) and her Legos.
- In the afternoon Robby and I had a good visit about finance and stuff.
- Before supper I had the privilege of observing Katie's (Anne and Robby's older) acting class.
- In the evening we all watched about two hours of the first-day release of the Broadway production of Hamilton.
- Before bed I organized seven phone calls to make to some Dayton, OH media outlets tomorrow.
- To bed at 10:48 :(

Sat Jul 4 = Robby put me wise to RV Parkie, an app for my phone and a website on my computer that, among other things, can show a map of all the Walmart store locations that allow overnight parking. I think this will be my to-go travel companion.
- This afternoon we went shopping. Everything is a long drive from their country home.
- I wired an additional switch to control the automatic controller for charging my
our van's Lithium/Iron/Manganese/Phosphate/Oxygen house battery
. To do the project, I had to rearrange a bunch of things so will need to put it all back together tomorrow.
- I took some test head shots of Katie while she had her practice headshot makeup on.
- In the evening we watched the last 20 minutes of Hamilton.
- After doing my website, I got to bed at 11:09 :(

Sun Jul 5 = Today's biggest project was to take 171 headshots for Katie. She plans to submit them for commercials, stage, movie roles etc. Good luck Katie.
- This evening during the family movie time (watching Bolt) I organized things for taking out to my van tomorrow morning.
- To bed at 10:14

Mon Jul 6 = A little before noon, Anne Robby Katie and Brooke helped me carry everything out to my van. Good crew! Then I did my famous $1 challenge, where I gave a dollar for every item they found in the house that I accidentally forgot. Guess I did a good job because they found nothing.
- I got off a little before noon, stopped along the way to fix lunch and spent the night at the Reynoldsburg, OH Walmart.
- To bed at 10:14 back in my little minivan for one of my best nights in several weeks.

Tue Jul 7 = On the way west, I did a medium full-body workout at a western Columbus OH Planet Fitness and some shopping at a Kroger and a Dollar Tree in the same strip mall.
- Then on to Medway OH where I stopped by the AMVETS post 148 met Dave Rockwood (Turkey Dave) and Traci the Post Commander. What a good bunch of people.
- Using their WiFi, I sent an email to GotPrint, who did these magnetic signs. I hope I can get them to print the signs without a faded stool and headshot. Left is what I sent them, right is what I got. Do you think I am being too picky?
magnetic sign magnetic sign
- Dave offered to let me spend the nights parked at his place. I followed him out there and we settled on a location by his barn where it would be shady in the mornings.
- Next stop was the Fairborn OH YMCA for a
poster trim
weekly trimming of my beard, eye brows and little quiff so I match my poster photos
and a shower. They've got some good equipment, so I'll plan on going back while I am in the area. All the little towns around are considered part of Dayton.
- On the way back home to Dave's, I worked on my blog for about an hour at a Marathon. They're good because they have Top Tier gasoline, although I did not need gas but DID get my blog uploaded, tethered to my phone.
- Got to bed at Dave's in Medway at 10:52 :(

Wed Jul 8 = This morning I got a tour of Dave's barn with an old souped-up pick up, tools and yard machinery. He introduced me to his German Shepherd who would have taken a bite out of me if we weren't separated by a window.
- After breakfast I went to AMVETS Post#148; in Medway where I will be doing my show on Saturday. I met Drew, the manager and others. I spent a couple hours doing some website, email, financial stuff and ordered two 2 x 3' JPG tour posters. Then I went out to my van for lunch.
- After lunch I picked up the posters at FedEx office and did a little shopping in its Walmart. Next poster edition, instead of using a JPG file, I'll use a PDF file. With a PDF, the lettering should not have the jaggies.
- Since the posters did not come in a protective cardboard mailing tube, I chased one down at a UPS Store even further west. I felt like I was on a wild goose chase
- I got to the Fairborn OH YMCA for a medium weight, slow full-body workout.
- Then to hang out at the AMVETS Post#148; in Medway,OH where I will be doing my show on Saturday.
- Got to bed at 10:32.

Thu Jul 9 = I hung out at AMVETS Post 148 until a little after noon. My project was to order two magnetic signs, only this time sending a PDF file rather than a JPG. I tried both TIF & BMP and neither had the good resolution of the PDF and their files were MUCH larger. I also ordered another 2 x 3' poster from FedEx Office, using a PDF file.
- I got around to lunch a little after 2:00 in the AMVETS parking lot.
- Then headed west to FedEx to pick up the poster. The resolution with the PDF file was just about perfect. No jaggies, as with the JPGs. Then back east and south to the Fairborn YMCA for a short heavy, slow legs workout... the first one since I left Phoenix almost a month ago.
- I got bored without much to do on the way back home to Dave's so I went through some of my routine for Saturday in the curved driveway of Mr. Lewis' barn, then drove to Crystal Lake and visited with Air Force veteran and fire-fighter Louis out on the pier where he had been fishing.
- To bed at 9:46 for a good night's sleep. :) SleepBot alarm did not sound in the morning, having tried letting the screen turn off on its own.

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Fri Jul 10 = This morning after breakfast I organized my stuff at AMVETS Post 148, Phoned WDAO AM in Daton and tried to get on the air and then headed to JB's Auto for an oil change.
- This afternoon Tracie and I set up the tables and chairs for tomorrow evening's show and I set up my four cameras with 110v power, my two stage lights, my PA system and all my merchendice. I needed one more extension cord, so this evening I went to a nearby Ace Hardware store and bought 50' of 18-2 speaker wire and plugs with which I made the extension cord.
- After supper I phoned Sarah about the show on Jul 25, 2020; 8:00pm at the VFW Post#3360 in Defiance, OH 43512. She mentioned that Jim is on vacation, took my number and will take care of it.
- A trip to the Fairborn YMCA for a short,slow, heavy arms workout and going through my entire show sequence in 17:43 minutes topped off my evening. On the way to a Kroger for a few things, I ran across a small AMVETS post and had fun inviting the three people there to my show tomorrow.
- Got to bed at 10:59 at Dave's. My SleepBot alarm sounded as set in the morning with the ringer turned off.

Sat Jul 11 =

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