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Wed May 1 = My last comedy in Austin for this trip was tonight at the Kick Butt Cafe. They surely have a lot of activities there, including the comedy.
- Correct installation of ear plugs makes a difference. Due to the adjacent freeway noise I got them installed correctly (pulling up on the outer ear) and had a pretty good night's sleep. The ear plugs did such a good job, I didn't even hear my SleepBot alarm, which was about five feet away from my head.

Thu May 2 = This morning I picked up the new water pump for my van's running water system and got it installed. Works like a dream.

It was about twice as expensive as the previous two pummps but is better and worth it. Also it was available for pick up here in Austin at Grainger.

Fri May 3 = Today I headed east toward Houston and spent the night in Elgin, TX in the parking lot of an Anytime Fitness.

Sat May 4 = Houston's Joke Joint gave me a 5-minute guest spot on the earlier show. They actually had two overlapping shows. If I had played my cards differently, I could have done a guest spot at both shows. After the show, the other comedians, who all had merch were fine with my selling mine. Had I asked ahead of time, I could have included my merch in my comedy set and displayed my T-Shirts and Show Fobs.

Sun May 5 = Didn't get a guest spot at The Houston Improv this evening. All the shows before the last show this evening were sold out with DeRay Davis, so I showed up before the last show. They told me that they could have put me up at the first show. Maybe next time I'm in Houston. DeRay was spactacular to the point that the audience laughter was defening.
- After the show I headed down toward Galviston, spending the night in the Texas City Anytime Fitness parking lot after trimming my beard and shaving my hairs in prep for the beach tomorrow.

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Mon May 6 = Today I started contacting the AZ DMV about getting an emissions inspection for my van's registration before the registration expires at the end of the month.
- Because it is forecast to be windy tomorrow, I spent the night near the Galveston Bay at the Texas City Planet Fitness.

Tue May 7 = My first time kiteboarding this trip. The kiteboarding launch-site was not very barefoot friendly off the Texas City levy. Pat launched my 8m kite, guided me out between the rocks and handed me my twin tip board. Such a guy. There were about half a dozen kiteboarders out there. The levy road was closed, except to us.
- After the kiteboarding and after everyone else left, I started my full hour comedy show there on the levy. When the rain came from the north, I drove south on the levy road, out of the rain, to a pavilion where I continued my show. When the rain got to me and the pavilion, I drove further south out of the rain and out the gate, which I had to open and reclose. Good that there was no rain... until later.
- Listening to a podcast today, I learned that it is important to be a happy crapper. So get a colonoscopy if you're over 45 or if you're Black and over 40.
- I heard about Revonext QT5 in-ear monitors with awesome sound, costing only $30, so ordered a set to be delivered to the Sands of Time Campground on
Hatteras Island and the Outer Banks off the coast of North Carolina

Wed May 8 = Here in Houston today I did my meager load of laundry, spent some time at a library and then went to the Joke Joint Comedy Club on the Gulf Freeway for their weekly comedy workshop, then stayed for the open mic that followed.

Thu May 9 = Good day of accomplishments. I drove down to the Sylvin Beach Park for a sun and run. I also did some of my Egoscue exerces there in the sun. I laid my giant towel out on the grass, which was a mistake. It picked up a week's supply of little burs. I picked most of them off imediately... getting more sun in the process.
- It rained hard most of the day, especially in the evening. When I arrived at The Secret Group and stepped out of my van in shorts and sandles in ankle-deep water I decided to do my comedy in the sandles and shorts. We got more rain here in Houston in seven hours than we get in seven months in Phoenix.

Fri May 10 = Today was get my van fixed day. After getting a recommendation from Advanced Auto Parts, I took it to Reliable Auto. They were reasonable and did a good job... but it was taken appart and undrivable overnight, so I spent the night in it in their driveway. They replaced the spark plugs and wires. The trick was the rear plugs, which were frozen in place. The shop sprayed a bunch of my Liquid Wrench on them and let it set overnight with me sleeping in the back. To acess those plugs they had to remove the intake manafold, and everything below the windshield including the windshileld wipers and motors and the air vent.
- While there, I used their Internet to do pay off all my credit cards, a monthly ritual.
- Tonight's comedy was expensive. I took Lyft to The Joke Joint watched Dustin Ybara. No guest set materialized for me.

Sat May 11 = Reliable Auto got my van fixed and I gave them a 5-star Yelp review.
- Tonight I saw Fortune Feimster at the Houston Improv. She was good!

Sun May 12 =


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