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Fri Mar 1 = Interesting day of activities. I got up early to deliver the sleep monitor down to the Valley Sleep Center, then to C&R Tire to drop my van off. Instead of taking me home, I had them drop me off at my neighborhood Anytime Fitness where I did a heavy arms workout and then ran home, about a half mile.
- At home, without a car, I made some camcorder low-light tests and processed the video from last night. I got my best audience shots yet at Improv Mania with my new Panasonic HVC 770 HD camcorder, which is supposed to be pretty good in low light conditions. The audience at Improv Mania is really dark.
- From Amica, I received a little over $500 in dividends for my various insurance policies. That is the advantage of having insurance from a mutual company. Any profit they make comes back to the owners... us policy holders.

Sat Mar 2 = A big project was analyzing all the laughs in a 52-minute show I did on
Hatteras Island and the Outer Banks off the coast of North Carolina
last summer. This is one of the video files on my new USB Show Cards. I'll use the information to tweak my full show routine.
- It took me seven minutes to add, to my Comedy Home Page, the Poster and Free Ticket for my Stand Up Live appearance in downtown Phoenix, scheduled in two Wednesdays (March 13th)

Sun Mar 3 = Bad and good news: Bad: I received an email from the Oak City Comedy Festival in Raleigh, NC that I was not accepted as one of their 2019 comedians. Good: I volunteered to help out with the festival. Hopefully they can use some of my skills in audio, video, video editing, web design and cleaning toilets.
- I processed a 5-minute video from 171207 in 24 minutes, including relocating an audio file from another appearance.
- I finished and filed my federal and AZ income tax returns. It took a while because I decided I should avoid a possible red audit flag by depreciating the
my Phoenix rental house located on Dahlia Drive
remodeling. I'll be receiving a considerable refund because Dahlia was empty for about six months during 2018, reducing my income for the year.
- Other things I did was to make 10 more of my Stand Up Live tickets, 36 more show slips to pass out and to do some recreational sewing (modifying three pair of my new swim briefs, which were not brief enough to suit me).

Mon Mar 4 = This evening I did 6 minutes of my Don't Understand routine at the Tempe Tavern. As usual, hardly anyone (almost all comedians) laughed. Then, at The Devil's Advocate, 5 minutes of the same routine got some consistently good laughs - especially from a couple that are fans of mine. Later, out on the front sidewalk, they bought one of my USB Show Cards. The second one I have sold so far.

Tue Mar 5 = Tight schedule today. I almost got everything in. At 11 this morning I scooted off to the Biltmore Valley Sleep Center for the result of my home sleep study which was done using a ResMed Apnealink Plus/Air Portable Polysomnographic testing device.
- Then on to C&R Tire for an alignment for which I waited. They were a little slow so that put me about a half hour late to..
- the Go To Sleep Clinic, where they educated me on mouth appliances to aleviate my obstructive sleep apnea on my trips. They used a little high tech 3-D camera to take a digital impression of my teeth to be used later to make my appliance, if it turns out that my insurance company will cover it.
- At this point, I could not get to Tony Vicich's 5:30 Comedy Schools class in time, so I stopped by a McDonalds for supper (a chicken salad with my 100% whole wheat bread and a banana) and to update my website, then to Tony's 7:30 class a little early. The class lasted until 9:30 and it was too late to go to an open mic.
- Before bedtime I processed a video from one of my appearances at the Magdalena Grand in Tobago, about 1.2 years ago. It took me only 17 minutes, a record so far.

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Wed Mar 6 = I lay out in the sun today (a day early) because we are forecast to have clouds tomorrow.
- Toso's had a good audience of 15. My Juul and Holding routines were well received.
- At the Woodshed there was big crowd of 37. My holding routine was a lot of fun.

Thu Mar 7 = This morning I finished watching the last of the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show videos, back to the first part of May, 2018, that were recorded while I was on my last tour in the spring.
- My Comedy T-Shirt order arrived this morning. FedEx actually left the box at my BACK SLIDING DOOR. Thanks, guys.
- I added 24 emails to my list, which now totals 322 subscribers for the Phoenix area.

Fri Mar 8 = First thing this morning I took my van to C&R Tire to redo the alignment. I had them drop me off at Anytime Fitness so I could work out and then run home. At Anytime Fitness I talked with Frank who is needing back surgery. He is always for exercise and rehab instead of surgery, but has been told that there is no other solution for his condition. His symptoms are lower right back pain and a numb right foot. WOW! Sounds like me, with occasional lower right back pain (with no apparent cause) and a numb right pinky toe.
- About 4pm I got a call from C&R that my ignition would not turn on. This is the same problem I have had previously, which the lock guy that installed the new ignition cylinder (after I drove all the way down to southwest Phoenix to have him fix it) said was not a problem. Now, with the weight of a mechanics shop, maybe he will get the cylinder fixed. Unfortunately, my van will have to spend another day in the shop: six days in the last week or so :(
- After I composed the email announcing Wednesday's show it took me 18 minutes to send it to the 322 subscribers through Mail Chimp. Hopefully 10 of the recipients will come to see me.
- Six samples of plastic bags for storage and marketing of my USB Fob Show Cards arrived from uline.com. After some testing and trying out, I have decided on their 4x6 flat, open, shrink-to-fit bags, Item #S-6833. I'll get a pack of 500 (their minimum) of them ordered tomorrow.
- In the financial department, I restarted automatic monthly investing in Admiral Shares of Vanguard's Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSAX)... about 2/3 of what my house payment was before I paid it off. This dollar-cost averaging makes good finiancial sense.
- I got to bed early (11pm) to be ready for the roofers tomorrow. I didn't know what time to expect them so I put my clothes on and got back in bed after my 6am pee.

Sat Mar 9 = My doorbell rang at 8:15 this morning. Al day there was a lot of noise and banging as the roofing crew of three worked. They started stacking all the concrete tiles up on the roof, a section at a time, removing and replacing the underlay, putting drip rails along the edge, replacing the broken tiles and put everything back. Everything is being done according to the new building codes. The roof will have a 10-year warranty.
- Since I had no transportation with my van in the shop with a bad ignition cylinder (thanks Rego's), I got two videos processed in 13 minutes for Toso's 5-minute video last Wednesday and 35 minutes for my 30 minute video from Mechanic Falls, ME.
- I wish my health care plan did not send me broken links for paying my bill. I got 500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. I tried it three different ways.
- I pland out my comedy routines for this week - three different ones at these locations.
- This evening I processed the 41 T-Shirts that arrived Thursday. I wasn't running very low, didn't need to order yet but they had a special on, so I took advantage of it. They made and sent the wrong shirts and I did not catch it in the ordering: Hanes Tagless 100% pre-shrunk cotten, instead of the Hanes Tagless Eco-Smart Comfort Blend I have always gotten. Both types look pretty much the same. I'll check with them on Monday. Probably I'll end up keeping them and just telling people that I have Hanes Tagless. Of course I would prefer to have all the same, but nothing in life is perfect.

Sun Mar 10 = The roofing crew arrived this morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, hearaled by a ring of my doorbell at 10:32. I was NOT bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, planning to sleep in until 11:30 because I stayed up late last night working on my new T-Shirts. I got up, anyway, had breakfast and started my day, which included starting to pack my, yet unused, backpack (right) that has compression straps, a computer pocket and contains 17 pockets and such, including 11 zippers.
- At noon I lay in the sun, rode my exercycle, worked on this blog and then took a nap. The last couple of days I've had a headache. Missing out on sleep doesn't help much. My nap was interrupted. The roofers must have been dropping my concrete roof tiles into place because there was so much slamming in different locations up there that some of the items on my walls spontaneously rearranged themselves.

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