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Tue Sep 1 = August was another good month for
The organization I support and through which I take non-driving seniors shopping and to their doctors' appointments
. My comedy donations and sales amounted to over $300 which I sent them today. While I was sending money, I also sent Pedro, my landscaper, payment for the next 3 months of landscaping, for fixing my drip system leak and to help him with the cost of the preemergence.
- I don't know why I need another credit card. I guess I'm a sucker for for $200 if I jump through the right hoops and 3% cash back on gas and 2% back at grocery stores. I had to thaw one of my credit reports for tomorrow so the bank can check me out.
- It took me 2.5 hours to add Arizona Lou's Veterans Appreciation National Tour, 2020 to my TRIPS web page; both the road trip and Alaska trip. All that is left is to proof read it, tweak it and upload it. I should have it online in a couple of days.
- Got to bed at 11:19 :(

Wed Sep 2 = My new rechargeable ElectriBrite Flosser arrived. Excellent machine full of features and reasonably priced, as opposed to a cheap, but more expensive Water Pik I bought at a Walmart on my road tour, after I ruined my first ElectriBrite by using the wrong charger.
- I had sent ElectriBrite a humerous email, starting with, "Hit me upside the head..." explaining what I had done. So they sent me a brand new one at no charge.
- This evening I did some grocery shopping with the 10% first-Wednesday senior discounts at Basha's nd Fry's.
- Wearing my webmaster hat, I renewed my Arizona Lou domain with GoDaddy for another 10 years. I also worked on the latest tour on my TRIPS web page and, instead of getting to bed on time, I tweaked and uploaded this BLOG.
- Got to bed at 11:38 :(

Thu Sep 3 = Before breakfast this morning I rode my exercycle and did a light full-body workout here in my home gym.
- I finally got everything proofread, tweaked and uploaded on my TRIPS web page for Arizona Lou's Veterans Appreciation National Tour, 2020, including flying to Alaska and driving to the east coast.
- Hopefully the third time will be the charm. The first time Preferred Home Care sent me the water chamber for the wrong CPAP machine. The second try they sent a breathing tube instead of a water chamber... but it was for the right machine. Now, on the third try they will hopefully send me the water chamber for the right machine (Resmed Airsense-10).
- I felt like I hit the jackboy when the VFW post conirmed my comedy show for them on May 26th, 2021 in Johnson City, TN. I got it added to the 2021 tour schedule on my Comedy Home page.
- Got to bed at 10:42

Fri Sep 4 = I thought I'd try producing my 1:13 hour Alaska video in the new HEVC H.265 format rather than my usual AVC H.264 format. The result is it took 10 times as long (6 hours instead of 40 minutes), but the resulting file is about about half as large (5.041193 Mb instead of 8.418601 Mb). Quality for my 1080P videos is the same, although both are MP4 files. I may not use the HEVC format in the future due to possible compatibility issues with some computers, thinking of my USB flash drives. Of course the smaller files would take a lot less space on my hard drive and be quicker to back up and upload to YouTube.
- Toward supper time I went to Planet Fitness for a
poster trim
weekly trimming of my beard, eye brows and little quiff so I match my poster photos
, shower and a short slow medium-weight arms workout and treadmill run. It was so good to be back there... and they recently installed a lot of new state-of-the-art equipment.
- At Fry's, on the way home, I used a couple of targeted coupons that I received in the mail and got five packs of Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Beef Franks, which are hard to find - at half price.
- Tonight I climbed up and took down all four of the bad indirect LED lights above my kitchen cabinets, which is all of the lights up there. Next thing is to figure out when I bought each, if it is still under warranty and go from there.
Here is how two of them looked new and how they look now, producing no light.
Light Light Light
- After tweaking and updating my blog, I got to bed at 10:57 :(

Sat Sep 5 = I decided to get myself in gear and straighten up my house, since I may be going to Christopher Creek for a few days. This morning I phoned
George & Cindy
my younger brother and his wife sold their house in Mesa, Arizona and are now in Christopher Creek.
and offered to go up to and help out since Cindy is in bed for a while recovering from surgery.
- So I got all my merch stuff stowed and out of the way. Next will be to finish unpacking from Alaska.
- I was one of the two comedians that stayed for Adriana's entire show at Jarrod's Coffee in Mesa. Since it was my first time there, I thought it would be a good idea. For my trouble I sold three T-Shirts after the show - all by credit card.
- On the way home I found that the Mesa LA Fitness had closed at five and that my neighborhood Anytime Fitness was not open, so no gym.
- This evening I joined IDProtectme247, a free service of my AZF Credit Union. Hope it's worth the trouble.
- Got to bed at 10:54

Sun Sep 6 = First thing this morning I researched AREDS2, a supplement for macular degeneration, on the Mayo and National Eye Institute websites.
- Today's big project took a lot of the morning and half the afternoon. It started by adding the Alamo American Legion show to my COMEDY HOME web page. I decided that deleting all the past (2020) National Tour entries would also be a good idea. The reason that it took so long was that I checked each deletion for duplicates in my Previous Shows List, which I hadn't done before due to my laziness during COVID-19 cancellations and rescheduling.
- Got to bed at 10:20

Mon Sep 7 =
- This afternoon I got everything set up for my Home Comedy Video Soundstage in anticipation of tonight's This Is Going To Be A Disaster Online Open MIc, hosted by Devonte Easby and co-host Chris Banks. Chris patiently helped me switch to my stage camera with Zoom.
- This evening the open mic was great. The 20 other comedians couldn't see my stage setup (below),
Stage Recorders train n tripods
but here are their text comments during my five minutes:
From deb maar sf to Everyone: 09:21 PM Is that a laugh track?
From Sharita to Everyone: 09:22 PM it is!!
From Chris Banks to Everyone: 09:22 PM yes
From deb maar sf to Everyone: 09:24 PM He's kicking it old school...
From deb maar sf to Everyone: 09:24 PM He has a tech crew
chris make sure to record gallery view for this so you're catching our reactions
From Josh Di Donato to Everyone: 09:26 PM There may actually be an audience in that room.
... and here is my five minutes, being introduced by Chris.

- Got to bed at 11:11 :(

Tue Sep 8 = With breakfast under my belt I processed my recording from last night, uploaded it to YouTube and added it to this blog page (see above). I think it's has pretty good video and audio, if I do say so myself.
- With a warm bath and all clean underwear, I was decked out for Doctor Hagler and my annual physical, which I am moving from each November to each September. The good doctor found nothing of concern... except my being 78... and tired.
- This evening I was going to do my monthly Blog Rollover, but instead decided to wrap up some loose ends and activate and record my new Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card. If I jump through all their hoops I'll get $200 back, 3% cash back on gas and 2% back on groceries. Next loose end was to take care of my Citibank credit card statement with, of course, an almost $2k fraudulent charge on it. Thank you Citibank.
- Got to bed at 10:15

Wed Sep 9 = Today I researched (of course) and ordered a 10" monitor to use with my video camera #1 when I record my appearances. Hopefully the larger screen (the camera has only a 3" screen) will help me stay centered. Being off center has been a problem before. The latest motivation for a bigger screen was when I was entirely out of view for Camera #1 during my whole hour show in Alaska at AmVets Post 9 in Wasilla Alaska. Here's two minutes of that video, from mostly Cameras #3 & #4, with one short blip from Camera #2:

- This evening I stayed out a little late, making my sixth appearance at El Charro Hipster; my first time there in three months.
- Got to bed at 10:39

Thu Sep 10 = Today I got all my comedy booking phone calls and emails done as scheduled. That takes a long time by the time I get all my ducks in a row for each contact.
- This evening I drove 40 miles to JP'S Comedy Club way down in Gilbert. They are the newest comedy club in Arizona and just getting their website started using Web & Marketing, in the east valley of Phoenix, which is also just getting underway.
I was third on the Open Mic List. It was a pretty good audience of 29; mostly comedians. There were a number of comedians whome I had never seen before.
- Got to bed at 11:02

Fri Sep 11 = It took some doing, but I recovered the spreadsheet of Life Eevents (major events of my humble life). The file on my computer got garbled for some reason. Recovery was a little more of a challenge because I had backed up the garbled version for one generation.
- This afternoon I tweaked some of my Death files - information for my family when I leave this world.
- I learned that Square, who processes my merchandise sales, sends an IRS Form 1099-K after BOTH $20k in gross sales and more than 200 transactions in a calendar year. Square, with some states, may issue a 1099K when you process $600 or more in card payments. According to my Square dashboard, so far this year I have processed $130 by credit/debit cards.
- This evening I made it to LA Fitness for a short heavy legs workout and then to Planet Fitness for a
poster trim
weekly trimming of my beard, eye brows and little quiff so I match my poster photos
and a shower. I like to support the gyms, ya know.
- Got to bed at 10:39 :(

Sat Sept 12 = I worked at home today on booking comedy shows, making some phone calls, writing some emails etc. Also I did my monthly rollover of this blog in a record 13:29 minutes :)
- My trip out today was for over-ripe bananas at Albertson's and the 99¢ Only store and for slow heavy short arms workout at LA Fitness. Their lockers and showers are closed.
- I paid my Citibank card off, as I do every month. Their payoff amount matched mine, adjusting for an over $1,900 fraudulent charge their fraud department had let through. So far Citibank has let over $11,500 of fraudulent charges go through, and they keep wanting me to open an account with them? NO WAY JOSE!
- Got to bed at 10:15

Sun Sep 13 = Since Alaska, I'm tired of walking around a dark kitchen and office since the four LED lights, manufactured by Onforu and Solla, quit working. This morning I researched and ordered, from Amazon, two pair of LED lights to use as indirect lights - three in the kitchen and one in the office. - I got, as I am sure you did, a revised user agreement from UPS: 10,708 words on 22 single-spaced pages. Sounds like something congress would write. Thanks, attorneys.
- Got to bed at 10:24

Mon Sep 14 = In case I do a comedy show in Globe, AZ, today I found Western Reprographics there that can print posters with bleed, larger than Staples without bleed, which is out of the running anyway because there is no Staples anywhere near Globe. At $3.25 per square foot, their prices are just a little higher than Staples. Their big posters get expensive: posters 24x36" (3' poster), $19.50; 40x60" (5' poster, $50; 52x78"(6.5' poster), $91.54. If I get a show in Globe and if the post has space to hang it, I might just try as big as they can go.
- The new 10" monitor arrived today and I modified its stand-bracket with a microphone clip I had on hand, so I can easily clip the monitor to the tubing of my tripod for Camera #1. Next time I do a show I'll be able to keep myself properly centered even if the camera is across the room.
- We had another excellent "This is Going To Be A Disaster" Open Mic on Zoom this evening. My virtual audience and stage were at their best as were the rest of the comedians. Producers Devante and Chris announced that it was their last show :( I hate to see them go. As kind of a send-off they are going to have something next Monday leading up to something very special on Wednesday. They're not saying what it is, though.
- Got to bed at 11:30 :(

Tue Sep 15 = Did I win? For three years Citibank Master Card has been occasionally denying my small charges due to possible fraud. Then, for the past six months they have let through over $11,500 of fradulent charges without batting an eye. I spent lots of time keepting track of it all, time on the phone and emails to no avail.
- I filed a complaint with the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau). That yieled an email (not from a machine for a change), which I answered, and eventually a phone call from Citibank's executive office. I was polite, made her laugh a few times and ended up with a $200 statement credit for my troubles, which is what I had requested in my complaint but denied in Citibank's email. My trump card was explaining thet one of their competetors had offered me $200 for getting a new card with them. I would have prefered to not have all the hastles, but probably won.
- Ofcourse I stayed up late tonight, working on this blog and my website. Adding to it every day helps me stay at the top of Internet searches.
- Just before bed I mixed the dry engredients for a batch of my Protein Frosties. Haven't had one of those things since the middle of June when I left on my road tour.
- Got to bed at 11:05 :( but got a pretty good night's sleep, getting up to pee only once.

Wed Sep 16 = This morning I made some booking calls and then blended my Protein Frosties, 60 ounces worth. My high powered blender started making a noise like a bad bering, slowed down some and started smelling like hot electrical stuff. I think it is time to replace it.
- I left home at 3:00pm, earlier than ever before, for the 7:00pm open mic at El Charro Hipster, wanting to be first on the list due to the nature of my set and also to make some stops on the way.
- On the way I stopped by Planet Fitness for a short, slow heavy legs workout and Walmart for some produce and to put a little money on my Walmart Bluebird card so American Express will not close the account due to lack of activity with a zero balance. At El Charro Hipster, after I signed up in the first slot, I worked on my website, updated this blog and made some booking phone calls.
- The show was great. The 28 audience members about fell off their chairs laughing when I introduced myself.
- Chris Banks, of the Monday night "This is Going To Be A Disaster" Open Mic Zoom show bought one of my T-Shirts. Rikki Bay-Kohler took this photo with her iPhone. The blue thing under my chin is a COVID-19 mask ready to spring into action.
Chris and me
- Got to bed at 10:46 for a pretty good night, getting up to pee only 1.5 times.

Thu Sep 17 = Cateracts, here I come! This morning I phoned my optomerist's office and set the ball rolling. I don't think mine are anywhere near hyper-mature, so I can easily schedule the surgery around my comedy bookings sometime in the next year.
- After lunch I trashed boxes from my recent Internet purchases, updated, inventoried and reinstalled the Under-Clothes box in my van.
- This afternoon I took an XL T-Shirt out of my T-Shirt warehouse (the west cushion of my couch) to replace the one I sold last night... but I couldn't find my Shirt Case. When I phoned El Charro Hipster they said they had the case.
- I got out my sewing machine out and shortened my new Wrangler shorts by an inch and added a pen pocket.
- This evening, on the way to El Charro Hipster to pick up my Shirt Case, I went to Crunch Fitness on west Bell Rd for a short slow heavy torso workout because COVID-19 has closed my nearby Fitnes 1 gym. Crunch is a nice gym, but showers are closed.
- Got to bed at 10:21

Fri Sep 18 = My 50 W LED floodlight 2-pack arrived today and I got the lights placed by the east wall above my north and south kitchen cabinets. It surely is great going from a dark to a bright kitchen.
- This evening I drove down to JP'S Comedy Club, 40 miles southeast in Gilbert, to support them at the 7pm show for their grand opening weekend. I wish Jim Perry, known as The Cop Comic, the best with his new venture.
- Got to bed at 10:36

Sat Sep 19 = I never got around to wearing my Comedian's Hat today.
- Starting out with my Bookers Hat, I made some phone cals to veterans'posts and researched when various posts were open. In the future I'll do the latter BEFORE I do the former.
- My Producer's Hat was next, working out the show details with Dale and Bonnie Schoenberger for my Halloween show at the American Legion Post#9 in Florence, AZ. I think they are going to do a good job with the show.
- With my Homemaker's Hat on I took a 20-minute nap because I was drowsy and then had to do my shopping spreadsheet for today's grocery shopping. By the time I got that done it was too late for my Comedian's Hat and to get to Jarrod's Coffee, Tea & Gallery in Mesa in time for the 3pm show, so I switched tracks and did stuff that had been on the back burner for a long time.
- I packed up all the old, nonfunctioning fluorescent indirect lighting fixtures from the top of the kitchen cabinets and vacuumed the 20 years of dust from up there. I also ordered a replacement for my worn out vacuum's dust brush.
- With my Lawyer Hat I scanned UPS's new HUGE user agreement. Also I took the TSA General Aviation Security course online and got my certificate - something us flight instructors have to do every year.
- For this evening's trip, I delivered the fluorescents to Batteries+Bulbs for proper disposal, did a light fast full-body workout,
poster trim
weekly trimming of my beard, eye brows and little quiff so I match my poster photos
, shower and trimmed my toenails at Planet Fitness and did my semi-monthly grocery shopping at Winco.
- Before driving off from Winco, I enjoyed a black cherry yogurt I had just bought. MISTAKE! Because of that I was late to Basha's for a personal watermellon on sale. Tonight was the last day of the sale. The store closed just as I arrived. Some day I might get my priorities straight.
- Got to bed at 10:36

Sun Sep 20 = Today's BIG project was to create a new web page and a link to it: OPEN FOR LOU to hopefully, make it easy for aspiring comedians to host my shows.
- This afternoon I mixed up an 8-month supply of my delicious and nutricious Cinnamon/Ginger/Nutmeg powder, getting those ingrediants in bulk at Winco Foods for about $18. Otherwise they would have probably cost about $60.
- I emptied my old faithful Filter Queen canister vacuum cleaner: 3.2 lb worth of dust and stuff
- It took me 30 minutes to extend the power cord of the wall wart for my new 10.1" LCD monitor, by five feet. I couldn't believe that their original cord was only three feet long. In the process I got rid of the bulky ferrite choke.
- Got to bed at 10:11

Mon Sep 21 = This morning I developed a new comedy bit on grapes and jotted my ideas down in pencil. When went to my computer to type it out, spent all the time tweaking some of my past routines instead. Out of time now. There's always tomorrow... or the next day
- I never got out of the house today but during the course of the rest of the day I added the OPEN FOR LOU link to my home page and perfected the new landing page for the link.
- This evening I joined "This is Going To Be A Disaster" on Zoom. Devante drew names for challenges and a speed round on Wednesday, the last day for the show for him and Chris. My name was not drawn. No worries. That will allow me to go to El Charro Hipster down on Grand Avenuee for an in-person open mic. I told the group about the new OPEN FOR LOU link and before the end of the show I already had an email response. I left the Zoom meeting early so I could...
- get to bed at 10:14

Tue Sep 22 = This afternoon I went through all 490 of my blog images and found four Fans that I had overlooked for my Fans web page. I put them on a list to eventually upload.
- Today's trip was to Bashashas for a grapefruit and a 17-day supply of Sweet Sapphire seedless grapes on sale and to LA Fitness for the first half of a light fast full-body workout. I rushed home to make a booking phone call... no answer :( Then I did the second half of the light fast full-body workout here in my home gym.
- This evening I emailed USO and Armed Forces Entertainment. I am sure nothing will happen, but I would like to entertain the troops, as I do the veterans.
- At 10:08 I was heading for bed with white low-rise socks on. On the way I bloodied my right pinkie toe by kicking the workout bench in my bedroom gym... again. Then my right sock became red and white. I did not realize that until I noticed pink spots on my carpet everywhere I had placed my right foot. Of course the spots had to be cleaned before they dried. Then I had to doctor my toe. Actually I didn't do anything except take the sock of, ice the toe and elevate my foot. For me things seem to heal faster if I just leave them alone, since I don't walk around in anything like puppy poo.
- Finally got to bed at 10:23, icing my toe.

Wed Sep 23 = I thought Amazon's 355 character lost-package link was a long URL until I checked the Submit Your Request link, which weighed in at 617 characters on my OPEN FOR LOU web page.
- While I was eating my supper sandwich, I watched this Consumer Report video on blenders.

- Then off to El Charro Hipster in west Phoenix. I put my name on the list at 6:20, 40 minutes before the 7:00 show, and I was 34th. I spent most of the evening with my right foot elevated so my little toe would not start bleeding. This his is the first time in five years that I did comedy in shorts and flipflops in Phoenix, thanks to my hurt toe. Host, Noah Flores ran an efficient show so I was next-to-last, going on at 10pm.
- Back at home, my toe started bleeding slightly, so it must not be out of the woods yet.
- Got to bed at 11:19, elevating my right foot.

Thu Sep 24 = After I got in bed last night I started thinking of my hurt toe and that it is unusual for it to still be doing a little bleeding a day later. My imagination considered it possibly split open and needing a suture or two. So this morning I doctored it. All I did, since there was no sign of infection, was sprayed it clean with distilled water. Then it didn't look too bad so I'll just let it heal on its own.
- After a couple weeks of putting it off, I found the $230 error that kept my checking account from balancing :) I also caught up on some financial stuff.
- I thoroughly researched blenders and have decided, when it comes time to replace my Goodwill heavy duty one, it will be a Ninja Pro BN701, which is even heavier duty. It is good at crushing ice so should be good for mixing my Protein Frosties. I like its 72oz jar. It is similar to the other Ninjas without all the extras that I do not need.
- Got to bed, elevating my right foot, at 10:30

Fri Sep 25 = Today I got my spreadsheet check register checked off with my downloaded statement. Tomorrow I will see if it balances.
- I ordered a pair of Glorious 100w LED fixtures to replace the two that that I ordered Sep 13th, about two weeks ago, which Amazon lost in transient. They have issued me a refund for the lost lights.
- This evening's trip was to Bashas, Winco, Walmart and LA Fitness getting some raspberries, grapefruit and exercise.
- Got to bed at 9:55 :) - the first night not elevating my right foot since I hurt my right pinkie toe three days ago,

Sat Sep 26 = I spent all morning testing ways to increase the resolution of JPG files with Open Office for 24x36" posters to upload to Walgreens for remote printing a month before a scheduled show. Below you can see the results, looking at the top of the letter n in the word, Veterans. At the top of each window is the conditions under which the image was saved. To the lower right is a list of all the test files. The top right two images are PNG, which require over twice the file space of the others which are JPG.
- I went with the lower right (JPG) image, the one above the highlighted one in the list (actual poster below). Not quite the quality of PDF, but good enough for 24x36" and much more versatile.
screen shots screen shots
- I hope you appreciate the test images because I spent half the afternoon figuring out how to convert the screen print to a JPG and get it cropped. It took some digging for me to find a good chart of Resolution for prints & posters on Walgreens' website.
- Got to bed at 10:19

Sun Sep 27 =
- At solar noon I lay out in the sun
- Two trips this afternoon. The first one, wearing flipflops all the way, was to Planet Fitness for a short slow heavy torso workout and then to The 44 Sports Grill out west in Glendale to learn that the show time had been changed from 3 to 5. So I drove back home for supper and a 10-minute nap.
- My two 100W LED lights had been delivered by Amazon, so I got them put up, both indirect for lovely defused shadowless brightness: One above the kitchen cabinet over the refrigerator and the other on top of the torch light fixture in my office.
- Before leaving I put on socks and shoes for the first time since I hurt my right pinkie toe on Tuesday, five days ago.
- The second trip was back to The 44 Sports Grill for the 5:00 show. Ponciano gave me seven minutes :) I did a clean routine of Silly/Worry/Lucky/BasicEconomy/T-ShirtDead/StillAlive. The audience was pretty dead for all the performers. The entire non-comedian audience was an older man and lady.
- I may have pushed it a little with my footwear because there was a slightly bloody spot on the sock when I took it off back at home after the show.
- I measured the temperature of the heat sink of my new indirect 100W LED office light after it was on for about three hours: 207° F.
- I typically use a 45W mechanical white noise machine the last half of the night to mask the road noise from Union Hills. Tonight I tried my little LectroFan Micro instead. I had forgotten to take it on my last tour so it had been sitting for about a year without being charged. I try to leave my devices with a storage charge. It looks like it paid off, because after charging all afternoon, this little thing did a perfect job. I had it near me on the bed between me and the window.
screen shots screen shots
- Got to bed at 9:28. `

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Mon Sep 28 = I spent this morning on FaceBook, going through, probably 100 potential friends and adding, probably, 20. Also I ran across 40 replies from other comedians about a post I made six days ago on a comedian website, trying to find people who would like to open for me at veterans' posts. Guess my approach ruffled a few feathers. Like Ellen Sugarman posted, "Omg this is so fun to read!"
- It only took me about 45 minutes but it was a major accomplishment. I got this lamp to light up the posters, if necessary, on my road trips, but the default when you plug it in is OFF. I wanted the default to be ON. So I pried the switch module open and, after measuring 25 currents and voltages at various locations on the circuit board and under various conditions, I stumbled across the solution. I soldered a 3mm shunt in place so the light defaults on; bright; warm white. That bypasses the switch. Why do I need 12 brightness and 3 color settings, anyway?
- This evening I bought spinach and red seedless grapes (75¢ a pound) at Albertson's, my nearest grocery store. At home, when I opened my frig, I realized I already had lots grapes. Now I've got 11.5 lb!
- Got to bed at 10:04 :)

Tue Sep 29 =

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