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Sat May 1 = After breakfast I sought out the West Biloxi Public Library to update my website's blog etc.
- Since it was sunny for a change, I left the library in time to find a good spot on the beach to sun for 20 minutes and then do a run for about four minutes.
- It took a phone call to Gulfport BoardSports to find the local kiteboarding beach in Gulfport at E Beach Blvd & Kelly Ave. There were about four kiters there; mostly foiling (riding foil boards).
kiting w foil board foilboard
The wind was only about 12 mph. A guy there said, "Hey take out my 13. It's ready to go and has a lot of power." It was a Duo Tone Juice. Most people don't let others use their kites because they are pricey and easily damaged. I had to rearrange my van to get to my harness which was in the compartment under all my comedy stuff. What a mess. I rode 1.71 miles in about 20 minutes with his kite and my AXIS Vanguard 132 x 41cm twin-tip board, did a few carves, toe-side turns and little jumps.
- I drove up north a few miles to the American Legion Post#119 where I will do a show in a week. I was a little disappointed in their publicity. They had only a couple 11x17" posters - no big poster. But they did suggest that I check with VFW Post 4526 a little south for overnight parking for my van, so I drove there.
- VFW Post 4526 was great. Jen, the assistant manager who does all the scheduling, and I worked out a date and all the details for me to do a show for them, in addition to allowing me to spend my nights west of their building while I am in the area. She put up all three my 2x3' generic posters with information about their show in dry erase marker at the bottom. By bedtime I had made a publicity kit for the post, ordered 2x3' posters for me to pick up from Office Depot tomorrow and added the event to my website for May 12th.
- Got to bed at 10:57

Sun May 2 = In the middle of the night last night, I thought of trying to combine my three southern Mississippi appearances onto one mini poster rather than just passing out my text-only Show Slips, so first thing after breakfast I went to the nearby Office Max to create my idea (left poster) while waiting for the print center to finish the job I created last night (right poster)
poster poster
- Today's big project, done inside VFW Post 4526 because no libraries are open on Sundays, was to restore 10 past appearances I had deleted from this year's Arizona Lou's Veterans Appreciation National Tour 2021. Now you can see the entire tour, rather than just my upcoming stops.
- Toward evening I drove to a nearby Planet Fitness for a poo and shower. Didn't have time for even a short workout.
- Heading back to VFW Post 4526 for the night, I located the Orange Grove Library for tomorrow's work. This was a challenge because both Garmins and my
Lou's 2020 Kia Sedona minivan configured as a mini-motorhome that he drives and where he lives during his road tours
GPS receivers sent me on wild goose chases. My Pixel 4a phone was the only GPS that correctly showed the library's location.
- Got to bed at 10:36 at the VFW Post 4526, to the north of their west parking lot, away from most of the noisy Dedeaux Rd traffic.

Mon May 3 = So I won't injure myself by catching a toenail on something I decided I ought to get a pedicure... my first. Going into The Nail Palace in North Gulfport, I said to myself, I hope no one I know sees me going into this place. My pedicurist, Hong from Vietnam, used a lot of gestures because she spoke no English. My toenails are now shorter than usual but my socks don't snag on them. I'll have to work the pedicure into my comedy routine.
- The rest of the day I spent in the Orange Grove Library until it closed at 6, had supper and did some 45 lb dumbbell inclined bench presses and short slow arms workout.
- I did a little shopping at a nearby Walmart Neighborhood Market and spent the night back at the VFW Post 4526 - this time my van parked parallel to their building facing the road, trying to fir the best sleeping conditions of reduced road noise and no heat from the morning sun.
- Got to bed at 10:24

Tue May 4 = After breakfast I went to Walmart for five gallons of their bulk filtered drinking water for 39¢ per gallon for my van's running water system.
- At the Orange Grove Library I mostly did web stuff, some graphics and an email for my tour and resolved my checking account.
- The trees were blowing in the wind, so this afternoon I took a break from the library to uncover my kiteboarding equipment storage compartment by offloading my comedy stuff at the American Legion Post 119. Thanks, guys. I did the 20-minute drive to the location on the gulf where I kiteboarded on Saturday, to find only 11-13 mph winds. Back to the library until they closed at 7pm.
- I topped off the evening at the VFW Post 4526 with lots of rain. Back in my van, I put on my Comedian Hat and reviewed the sequence for the full show I'll be doing on Saturday.
- Got to bed at 10:12 for a night of rain, some very heavy, and rolling thunder most of the night.

Wed May 5 = This morning I washed the few bugs off the front of my van since they had soaked all night in the rain. Shopping was at Dollar Tree and Walmart; Gym was Planet Fitness for my weekly
poster trim
weekly trimming of my beard, eye brows and little quiff so I match my poster photos
and a short slow heavy torso workout.
- At the Orange Grove Library I made about 100 mini posters for the Wednesday May 12th show. I didn't notice that the printer defaults back to B&W so they are not colored. Ah, well, nothing's perfect.I left voice mails at the National Parks Department's Hatteras National Seashore office, touching bases with them on my Comedy-n-Sunset shows scheduled for June.
- I batted 100% :( After the library closed, back in my van in the parking lot, trying to phone contacts for seven veterans' posts about the Publicity Kit email which none have answered in five days. These are posts which have already scheduled shows: 100% not answering my emails and 100% not answering their phones. This is the most frustrating part of stand up comedy: Veterans posts that are unprofessional.
- Got to bed at about 10:50 `

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Thu May 6 = Finding a touchless automatic car wash was not all good. Brother Robert, holy roller of the FPC of Orange Grove (First Pentecostal Church) owner, does not keep it up very well. the touchless credit card reader was not working, the magnetic card reader did not work, the free-vacuum token dispenser was not dispensing, one of the vacuums was out of order and, to boot, the washer only washed from the top and sides (no front or back) and was not capable of a fresh-water undercarriage rinse. After their $5 wash, my van was not clean. You could still see where my magnetic signs had been due to the residual dirt on the doors.
- At solar noon I was lying down on the beach of the Gulf of Mexico in the sun under a nearly cloudless sky absorbing vitamin D for 20 minutes. That was followed by a five-minute beach run. At first no one else was on that long beach at Beach Road and Kelly Avenue in Gulfport.
- After lunch in my van I drove to the Gulfport Library to work until they closed at 6. Among other things I did my monthly blog rollover in 18 minutes.
- Then on to the Walmart Super Center for a little shopping, people watching and general loitering.
- I got to VFW Post 4526 with about an hour to kill so I organized the naming of my 8-up mini posters and created mini posters for all seven of my Ohio shows in July.
- Got to bed about 10:42

Fri May 7 =
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