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Fri Nov 1 = I did a show for 12 residents of Independence Hall this evening. It is sort of a half-way house that helps male homeless veterans get back on their feet. Interesting and diverse group... and a fun show with quite a bit of fun interaction. I DID have to refer to my cell phone for an image of my sequence about four times during the show and still forgot a few things. Of course the audience never knew that I was not attaining my goals.
- Before the show they treated me to a pork chop dinner. Thanks, guys!

Sat Nov 2 = I reviewed my show sequence for tonight, eliminated the side menu from my Comedy Home Page, shifted and changed the top buttons for all my web pages (suggestion of Casey), worked on this blog and went to the motel's little gym. That's sort of an overstatement. It consists of four cardio machines, a bench and a few light weights. No cables.
- Rick Osborne and his son-in-law had been busy building the first stage named after me (hey, you've got to start somewhere). It's debut, and maybe only use, will be by me tonight at the Tap Inn here in Billings.
- What a show on my new stage, which will become part of a roof later this week. We had a large crowd - the typical bar crowd. They made up for their lack of attentiveness with their enthusiasm. During most of my show there was at least one person, somewhere in the bar, listening. Sometimes a dozen. What did I learn? I will never again let a few loud people ruin the show for the rest of the audience, which seems to be the case too frequently at bars. Also, especially at bars, I may discuss ahead of time with the owner/manager, the possible removal of the unruly.
- Rick and Becky, the owners Tap Inn bent over backwards to accommodate with the stage, PA system and special LED lighting. Rick Osborne and his daughter, Beverley, took me around town where I needed to go and were good hosts. Thanks, Billings.

Sun Nov 3 = I updated my website this morning and checked out of the motel at 11:00. Rick Osborne took me to the downtown Billings Anytime Fitness where I alternated working out and resolving my checking account, doing my monthly blog rollover and showering. I had misrecorded the paying of some of my county taxes about a month ago so had to figure that all out. Fortunately I had gotten them paid OK.

Mon Nov 4 = grocery shopping without Patty, the neighbor I take shopping under the auspices of
The organization I support and through which I take non-driving seniors shopping and to their doctors' appointments
since she was not up to it. I was out of food so squeezed a very fast and effecient trip around Winco Foods for my stuff. I got it all stowed before leaving for CB Live.
Tonight Casey finalized my Thousand Roast Arizona Lou Special:
Mon Nov 5, 2019; 7:30pm; Thousand: Roast Arizona Lou Special; CB Live; Desert Ridge; Phoenix, AZ
My name was drawn from a bucket for a 4 minute set, so I did my revised Basic Economy routine with the added PentaBW.
- Impulsing my after-bedtime project, I finalized the poster and updated my website accordingly.

Tue Nov 5 = I audited my appearance count and found that it is accurate, although some of the previous appearances were off by 2 or so.
- Tonight's comedy was at Tempe Tavern and Bench Bar

Wed Nov 6 = Today I didn't have time to stop by a gym so trimmed my beard and took a bath here at home... in the little hall bathroom to save hot water.
- Tonight's comedy was at Toso's and Woodshed. I picked up gift certificates from both of them for my Special on the 25th

Thu Nov 7 = I arrived early tonight at Grand Avenue Pizze and did an impromptu 5-minute clean comedy for a pastor and his family group of 12. That was my 981st appearance. The Open Mic was #982. At this rate I'll have no trouble reaching my goal of 1k by the 25th.

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Fri Nov 8 = I have been testing my new LUNSY DJ Par Lights, 36LEDs Stage Lights on my kitchen counter by using them for kitchen indirect lighting. They are impressive but cheap ($50 per pair), which is indicated by their operation. The IR remote controls don't work dependably but the lights can also be programed directly. They tend to get hot and cycle off and back on every 15 seconds when run at full power (20 W each). Of course you can make them any color you wish. Yes, they were worth the money and I'll probably pack them for my road tours.
LED Stage Light LED Stage Light

Sat Nov 9 = This evening
Harold Dean
Harold Dean Hayes, my techie X brother-in-law
came over and we teched out, not discussing his Mentorus nor my stand up comedy.
- After that, I went to Rick Bronson's House of Comedy up at Desert Ridge and saw Paul Mecruio. He was good and different. He did lots of creative improv with the audience, some of which he invited up onto the stage. He says, people are interesting when you hear their story. It was a good show.

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