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Mon Mar 1 = This morning I kept
my younger brother George's wife
company on the phone during her mandatory hour in bed after her eye surgery on Thursday.
- At noon, I tried to sign up for the Stir Crazy open mic in Glendale. I clicked on the sign-up link every ten seconds and at 12:00 I got the sign-up form but got, Sorry, the spots for the open mic are now filled. You are welcome to come to the show and be on stand by in case of no show.
- A VIAGRA-selling pharmacy has been the result, for the last few weeks, of people clicking on the link to my website after searching the Internet for Arizona Lou, AZ Lou, America's Favorite Old Man, Arizona Kiteboarder etc. My web host, Godaddy had a $650 solution. I phoned Leo LaPorte, the Tech Guy and was caller #1 for the day. Leo gave me some solution ideas, including suggesting I change host. As a result of my call-in, two guys emailed me with more ideas. It turned out the solution was to, on the Internet, delete .htaccess, a rogue file that Godaddy's lax security let someone put on my host directory. I also changed my password and set up two-factor authorization. I am considering switching from Godaddy to some other host.
- Tonight I did a full-show run through, recording it with one
little stereo Sony ICD-UX560 voice recorder that I use for taking notes and for recording the audio of all my comedy appearances
while taking notes with my other ICD. It took me 1:13 hours, including my opening but not the video part. That is about the right time. I did notice I sort of ran out of steam toward the last. I'll have to work on that.
- Got to bed at 11:00 :(

Tue Mar 2 = It took too long for me to check, resize and redo it, but I changed my picture at the top of all my web pages
from: Lou Low Resolution to: Lou Low Resolution Do you like the change?
- This morning I paid my six-month property taxes - over $2k!
- After lunch I cut my hairs (gave myself a haircut), took a bath and saw Dr. Travis Lamb, my dermatologist. Or, rather, he saw me. Found nothing of concern. At my request he did freeze a 2mm wart-type thing that has been on the left front of my torso for years.
- This evening I sneaked out to Fry's for some needed groceries and a free jar of their peanut butter.
- Got to bed at 10:21

Wed Mar 3 = All of my 8GB Album #1 1.3 hour USB drives are malfunctioning. They are unusable because none of them play the videos properly. I am surely glad I found this out before selling them. This morning I did a full format of all 11 of them. With some drives it took two or three tries to get it done. Two of the drives never would format. What a time-consuming mess.
- Good news is that all of my 2.8 hour Album #2 drives checked out OK.
- In the middle of the night, last night, I thought of a new thing for my T-Shirts. Since I am putting in a new order, why not allow my comedian friends to order Arizona Lou Shirts the way they want them, as a different color, style of shirt or logo location. Today I spent some time researching the idea and called my supplier.
- At El Charro Hipster this evening, I presented my special-order T-shirt idea and sold four customized shirts. I did my Viagra routine.
- On the way home I did my semi-monthly grocery shopping at Winco Foods.
- Before going to bed I decided that I should start my 8GB Album #1 1.3 hour USB drives loading since I expected it to take an hour or so. Of course I had to record the transfer speeds, which ranged from 2 MBs to 5 MBs depending on the individual drive. That put me to bed a little late... a LOT late.
- Got to bed at 11:2, making albums with my Ancher 7-bay USB-3.0 hub. I keep track of the drive letters with the colored signature markers. `

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Making Lou's Albums

Thu Mar 4 = This morning, while researching T-Shirt options I stumbled across something new to me: ring-spun cotton shirts. I learned that they are more luxurious, softer, stronger... and more expensive, compared to T-Shirts made with rotor spun or air-jet spun yarn.
- I can make a big job out of anything. It was a load of whites laundry today with pre-soak etc. But I got them clean without chlorine bleach.
- This afternoon I took a 52-minute nap, planning to stay out late for comedy tonight.
- This evening's trip went like clockwork: LA Fitness gym for a short slow heavy arms workout, Winco for dry-roasted unsalted sunflower seeds & blueberries and Toso's for a salad and comedy show which started at 9:00. I was first up and left early, at 10:00.
- Got to bed at 11:43, getting up to pee at 3:30am, after which had a good three-minutes of JUGGLING practice, with consecutive catches of 30 one-ball tosses, 26 two-ball tosses and 10 three-ball tosses.

Fri Mar 5 =
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