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Mon Jan 1 = HAPPY NEW YEAR! I spent most of the morning organizing the rest of the day and fixing a lunch to pack. By then it was a little after noon and I decided to lay in the cloudy sun here at the apartments' pool.
- I took a taxi directly to Sandy Point Beach Club to meet with Elvira Grant, the activities director, and found that something happened during the weekend and that she will be out for six weeks on sick leave.
- Out, then to Pigeon Point where there was not enough wind for kiteboarding, so hung around the beach, Radical Sports and the Kenmars Beach Restaurant, visiting and inviting people to come see my 5:30pm comedy show at Radical this evening. Working on my website and a salad at Kenmars rounded out the afternoon until time for the comedy show.
- I did my longest comedy show yet here on Tobago tonight at Radical Sports The audience of 12 included fun, responsive, people from 5 countries (Trinidad and Tobago, Greese, Germany, UK and Sweden) and one dog. They sat on grass and I did the 29-minute show also on the grass. Life is good!

Tue Jan 2 = This morning I read Scott Adams' list of skills for adults. He says
I made a list of skills in which I think every adult should gain a working knowledge. I wouldn't expect you to become a master of any, but mastery isn't necessary. Luck has a good chance of finding you if you become merely good in most of these areas. I'll make a case for each one, but here's the preview list. - Scott Adams, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life
- I got out to Radical Sports by about 3pm to little wind. I put my 12m kite up in the air for a while on the beach, but there wasn't enough wind for much else. The people who were out in the morning said that there was a little more wind earlier, but nothing to write home about.
- On the way home I stopped by Bago's Beach Bar about doing comedy, where I waited for Shirley, the owner, who told me I needed to wait for Jasane who just started handling the evening programs. I spent about two hours total waiting and finally left my business card with Shirley.
- Optionally, I could have gone to Scarborough and tried my hand at some sidewalk comedy as the passengers returned to the Viking Sea cruise ship. Maybe tomorrow afternoon with the Albatross.
- I got to bed early, at 11:04pm, only had to pee 1.5 times and had the best night's sleep yet here on Tobago. Probably because I drank almost no water after 12:00 noon.

Wed Jan 3 - A few minutes before noon, I got out to Pigeon Point and Radical Sports. I put up my kite (12m) and went out. After that I figured that the wind would have delivered by board to the beach around the point by the lime green boat. A friend said he'd help me find it and in a few minutes, came back with my board. The world is surely full of nice people.
- Around 3pm I took a taxi home to Douglas Apartments for a late lunch and short nap before heading out to the deep-sea port in Scarborough to do some sidewalk comedy as passengers arrived to the Albatross from their day's excursion. That didn't work out because it was relatively small boat (800-1800 passengers) and they were all... German. So I did a couple of sidewalk shows for two different groups of locals.
- On the way home I stopped by a little rusty gym at Milford and Golden Groove. No walls and is open 24 hours a day except from 6:30pm Fridays to 6:30pm Saturdays. I did a light full-body workout there and paid Zachariah, son of the owner, for two weeks of working out. I still owe them tt$20 since Zachariah did not have change.
- After a late supper, I walked down to Bago's Beach Bar and arranged with Jasane Phillip to do a half hour introduction to their Karaoke show on Sunday and, if it works out, a full-length show on January 13th or 14th, just before I leave for home in Phoenix. Jasane is excited about the whole thing, as I am also.
- I hung around The Jade Monkey for a couple hours. Sean, the owner never showed up while I was there and they said that he would have to OK my doing stand up comedy at their karaoke tonight.

Thu Jan 4 = I stayed in most of the day working on an hour's worth of comedy. Toward supper time I did pretty much all my material out loud... an hour and a half. I also thought of a few tweaks to improve a few things.
Scott Adams' persuasive words and phrases: - Scott Adams, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life

Fri Jan 5 = You are reading the blog of a newly certified IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) level 3 kiteboarder. This afternoon, in barely sufficient wind, Bret, the owner of Radical Sports took me through the paces of a self-launch, dragging upwind with and without the board, riding upwind, jumping and punching out for a self-rescue. The latter always tangles up your kite lines. It took me less than an hour to get everything untangled, wrapped up and on my way for...
- ... my preproduction meeting with Jasane, the evening manager/producer at the Bago's Beach Bar. We worked out the details for Sunday, when I will introduce their new Karaoke show with five minutes of comedy. The comedy is a tease for the following Sunday when I will do a whole show there as the headliner.
- Boy did I look stupid this evening. The sidewalks here in Trinidad are irregular and VERY ROUGH, which I have observed. I WAS stupid by not watching my step as I was walking up Milford. It goes to show what happens when, instead, you are watching the girls. Actually, it's worse than that. I wasn't even watching the girls. There were a couple people sitting by a store and I was thinking of how I might be able to impress them with me, as a comedian. That whole idea went out the window at 6:07pm when I tripped. Evidently after I caught one foot on a bump, my recovery foot got caught on the same bump. I spread myself out on the sidewalk in front of my audience, landing and scooting on my right shoulder, both hands, right toes, but mostly, on my right knee. The people asked if I was OK, so naturally I lied and said I was, which was true at the time because my knee was sporting a white area where the skin was scraped off, but no blood... yet. It is a good thing I didn't hit my head. On second thought, that might not have made much difference.
- I considered leaving my wounds open, thinking of the advantages of collecting all that sympathy. For better or for worse, I made a 180 and headed back down the street to Bhagan's Drug where they put together my $41 human patch kit.
- You may wonder why the photo of my knee (bottom) is so small. My daughter almost disowned me 2.5 years ago when she saw some PHOTOS of my right hand after my
Stand-Up Paddleboarding
in the Dominican Republic. Well, she didn't have to scroll down for the graphic ones!
Shoulder Left hand
Right hand Foot
Knee After 2 hours & before clean-up
Knee After 18 hours; not healing yet
Knee After 40 hours; 15 hours after unbandaging & dabbing with with mercurochrome; Healing!
Knee After 7.5 days; 14 hours after swimming 45 minutes in the lagoon for the Bio Tour

- After cleaning and disinfecting my knee, for the night, I spent the night with it exposed (no A/C, sheet or enything) hoping that the air would cause it to start healing. I was slightly cool all night with a minimum oral temperature of 96.9° F.

Sat Jan 6 = At noon I spent 24 minutes laying in the hazy sun, hoping 12 minutes of sun for my knee would start it healing. It didn't. By 7:30pm when I bandaged the knee for tonight's comedy outing, most of it was still an open wound with a little oozing blood. Sorry for the details, but I am sharing mostly for my own tracing of the healing process. Since the knee was bandaged I spent a comfortable night under a sheet with no A/C. My minimum oral temperature was 96.9° F.
- I found out about international calling through Google Fi: $.20/minute from Tobago to US and $14 to $19/minute within Tobago. My total bill to Jan 5 was $95! From this point on I am going to use only wifi for phone calls. It should be free. We'll see.
- Magdalena Grand had a small crowd of 16. Of course I had to explain the elephant in the room, my knee. I also did my fitness and gym stuff. My taxi driver, Heston Lopez, stayed with me for most of the show and then took me back home. He also did some karaoke, himself. Heston
- About 11:30pm when I returned to my appartment, my neighbors from Colombia invited me for a visit at their table out on our shared front porch so we had fun hanging out and testing our linguistic abilities.

Sun Jan 7 = I woke up with three comedy appearances prepared and scheduled for today and ended up only doing only one. When I phoned Jassane about stage lighting for tonight, he informed me that he had called tonight's show off because he and his staff were suffering from a huge party last night that ended about 6am this morning, as well as some possible food poisoning. I wish them all luck. Revising my Announcment Slips and getting things lined up for shopping and comedy took enough time that I didn't have time to go to Scarborough's deep water port for sidewalk comedy. In port was The Costa Magica, a French boat and no one probably speaks English anyway.
- I did have time to squeeze grocery shopping at the Viewport Supermarket since Penny Savers was closed.
- Out at Radical Sports on Pigeon Point I followed my comedy plan pretty closely for a 30 minute show, talking about where audience members were from, my knee, getting around in taxis, hand in DR, and some of my gym routine.
- Back home I unwrapped my knee and blotted it with a mercurochrome 1% solution. The wonds haven't started healing yet.
- Tonight I contacted American Airlines through their website to see if I can file my delayed baggage claim by EMAIL. I went to bed without anything on, hoping my knee starts to heal. During the night it started to scab over :)

Mon Jan 8 = Around 1900, Frederick Matthias Alexander developed a technique to overcome his voice loss and help reduce the pain he was experiencing on stage while he was performing Shakespere. His methods are now known, believe it or not, as The Alexander Technique. Here are some things I came accross to help me:

Sitting properly while using a computer:

Posture is a big and ugly thing for me. Here is a video of an easy daily lying exersize to improve posture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iehtr8X3qMc. Also here is a website with Five exercises using the Alexander technique.

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- Because of my scraped knee, this morning I decided I ought to take a tour of Tobago tomorrow instead of kiteboarding, so I researched tours. Hans, himself, of Hans Tours stopped by and I scheduled an Island Tour on Wednesday with him. He mentioned that there was an unscheduled cruise ship of English speakers at port in Scarborough.
- So this afternoon I added Sidewalk Comedy to my day's activities. On the way to Scarborough, I stopped by two relatively big drug stores (Crown Point and Carnbee) looking for large water-proof bandages for my knee. The consensus and conclusion was that they did not have anything that large and, if I went kiteboarding with my knee uncovered, the seawater would help the wounds heal.
- At the Deep Water Port; Scarborough there were few people around because everyone was on board the ship, as it was departing earlier than I expected. The closest I came to Sidewalk Comedy was visiting with a couple of gentlemen. About all one wanted to talk about was the existence and power of his concept of God. Yes, HE brought up the subject. He, the man, not God.
- On the way home I stopped by Jade Monkey and talked with Sean, the manager, a little about Stand Up Comedy there. He is going to check with the owners and get back with me tomorrow evening.
- Back home here, this evening I, again, sharpened the pop-up side trimmer on my Remington F-5790 shaver. About a month ago I sharpened it using toothpaste as an abrasive and ended up with a hair puller, not a trimmer. On the way home this evening I finally found some valve lapping compound, probably 128 grit on the fine side of the container, at an auto parts store in Scarborough. That is what worked for me a year ago. I'll let the shaver dry on the top of the refrigerator condensr tonight and give you a report tomorrow morning. Next morning the trimmer was a little better, but not great.

Tue Jan 9 = It was a mistake when I put petroleum jelly on my knee before I went to bed last night. Today the wounds were considerably worse, with some oozing open areas. Around noon I washed all the petroleum jelly off with soap, let the knee dry, applied Mercurochrome, canceled possible kiteboarding due to the, now, open wounds and lay in the sun to kick start the healing of my knee.
- I just heard a caller to the Clark and Lou  Clark Howard Show who says he NEVER pays full price for anything, but shops prices on his smart phone and negotiates for a price match. His specific example was buying tires, where he saved hundreds of dollars. I'll have to remember that next time I buy at Discount Tire.
- Today's trip, a combination of jogging for exercise and txi was to the little rusty gym at Milford and Golden Groove where I spent almost an hour doing a light full-body workout followed by a heavy one. When I did my inverted shrugs the crowd cheered, as they had never seen them before. Of course I used the opportunity to tell some of them about my comedy appearances for the rest of the week before my departure.
- The other stop was the Bone Accord Food Basket. Not sure what it is really called. Approaching from the east their sign says Bonne Accord Food Basket. Approaching from the west it says the Canaan Foot Basket. Their receipts say, Bone Accord. They confuse me, but do have good produce.
- In the evenings I have been going over most of my material in preparation for Sunday night at Bago's Beach Bar.

Wed Jan 10 = This was tour day - mostly in the rain. Award-winning tour guide, Hans, picked me up at 9am in his tour van, then five others for a happy group from Chicago, New York, Phoenix and Sweden. We drove twisty roads through a rainforest, an old fort and by spectacular beach views to have lunch at Jemma's Tree House (I had fresh grilled Tuna). Finally we had ice cream in Scarborough.
- The two Swedish girls and I hiked up to Falls Argyle, Tobago's highest waterfall... in the rain. Yes, the hike was worth it.
- This evening I contacted some of the bars for comedy and then updated my website accordingly: I will not be at Jade Monkey tonight, and my Sunday evening appearance at Bago's Beach Bar will be a five minute introduction to their new Karaoke shows.

Thu Jan 11 = This morning I fine-sharpened the side trimmer of my Remington F-5790 shaver with toothpaste, and it made it work a little better. I also looked at my meals and compared them to the foods that are the foundation of Scott Adams' diet. He takes willpower out of the equasion by keeping around the following:
Scott Adams' foods: (* = On his list but not on mine; + = Not on his list but on mine
- This afternoon I took three taxis for my trip today. One to Scarborough where I had fun interacting with the British passengers returning to the Britannia. A second to the intersection of Millbrook and Golden Grove in Canaan for a light full-body workout at the little rusty gym. The third back home to Douglas Apartments, with a stop by the Food Basket for a lot of Broccoli.
- This evening I tweaked some of my comedy routines and downloaded statements for my credit union checking accounts.

Fri Jan 12 = There was barely enough wind to kite a couple runs and then walk back upwind ane pack up my stuff.
- The Radical staff told me about tonight's Bio Tour. Since it was the last before I leave, I changed my plans and hung around for it. The briefing was at 5:30 and the tour ended about 8:30. It was not a disappointment. Claus, from Germany, my kyak buddy paddled along with a motley crew on
Stand-Up Paddleboarding
boards and in kyaks through some rain to the lagoon behind No Man's Beach. There, the luminescent wake of our kayak was cool, as it was the splash from our paddling. In the water, when we kicked our legs they were illuminated, as were our hands. When standing on the bottom in a shallower area, my chest had sparkles of light. This was one of those things you just enjoyed because photography was out of the question due to the low light levels and motion required to disturb the water.
When traveler, Sarah Baxter saw it, in this article she wrote:
Three years ago, Duane and Brett discovered that the mangrove-fringed lagoon behind their house was a hotbed of bioluminescence. This is caused by dinoflagellates, a type of marine plankton that emits a blueish light when agitated. The light is their defence mechanism; it's supposed to keep predators away. On humans, it has the opposite effect.
- In the process of swimming in the lagoon for about 45 minutes, I set the healing of my knee back... again. Yes the bioluminescence was worth it.

Sat Jan 13 =

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